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Near constant pressure headaches


Does anyone have advice for managing near constant pressure-like headaches (forehead and back of my head)? I’m going through a stressful time in my personal life and am finding the headaches are increasing, to the point that I have no more headache free days, and any physical effort brings one on. I’ve stopped taking painkillers a month ago hoping it would help with rebound issues but now I’m getting very tempted to pop the occasional paracetamol… will that make it worse …? What preventative medication helped you get rid of the headaches?
I feel so disabled with them that I’m missing the days with “just” dizziness and imbalance…


Hey Lucy, sorry to hear that… I know this feeling all too well. I, like you dont like taking tablets but I found in my hours of need and I mean the very last resort I sought advice from my GP that Naproxen really work well for inflammation so he prescribed me 500mg twice daily and they really really helped me when my Migraines are bad… I have the pressure all over the head too - not sure if for me this is the migraine as I normally get a proper Migraine after these feelings.

These drugs are not something I would take all the time but when the migraine is crippling they are a god send :relieved:


Had some success with verapamil but topiramate seemed more powerful over time at killing off the head pressure. I’m sure both helped a lot as well as the migraine diet. NSAIDs didn’t do much for me, neither did triptans. I had constant head pressure for more than a year, so I know exactly how you feel, so sorry you are suffering.


That’s a major MAV symptom I’m afraid. I think it’s linked to the fact the cerebellum is at back of your head and that’s the balance section of the brain. I have had it months on end to varying degrees. Stress is a main trigger and you are obviously under great stress with your current circumstances. Taking painkillers can cause rebound headaches as you know so are best avoided. I understand they rarely help with this sort of pressure anyway but, as I hate painkillers anyway personally I don’t try them myself. It’s a MAV symptom the successful preventative will eventually control. I now get fewer days with head pressure, indeed I now get crystal clear head days with Propranolol. I’ve also found caffeine restriction seems to have helped quite a bit too. Sure stress management would do likewise however appreciate that’s not always instantly achievable. I understand you have an appointment booked with Dr S. Hope it’s quite soon and perhaps he’ll be able to reassure you when he sees you. Things may improve once you are confident in a treatment plan. Meanwhile I think it’s a question of sittng it out and tring to relax if possible. Helen


Thank you Helen :slight_smile: yes I have an appointment booked to see dr S, this month. Stress management is something I’m working on but am feeling pretty overwhelmed with everything that’s happening. Fingers crossed dr s will help me find a preventative that works for me.


Hi Lucy, I can relate. Are you supplementing with magnesium? That seems to help my headaches sometimes and a nice long soak in Epsom salts will many times do the trick for me as well.


what about cbd oil? it has helped me, also a showe with somewhat cold water.


Yes am supplementing with magnesium but not seeing much change yet.


@dizzy3 Interesting. May I ask what percentage your taking of the CBD oil? My dad keeps trying to get me to try it but im not so sure… also whete did you acquire this? Ive heard that NHS provide this now? :thinking:


I don’t think so. There was much fuss and trumpet fanfares about the legalisation of CBD in UK in November time but from what I’m hearing in practice it’s so restricted. So restricted I don’t think even the campaigner lady who wanted it for her epileptic child is still paying to import it. They seem to have tied it up with almost enough red tape to make it ineffective. Only people with certain conditions(MAV doesn’t qualify) and only consultants can issue prescriptions, not GPs. It seems from my reading what we can get in UK isn’t strong enough to do much anyway. Might be waste of cash. Besides it’s not a good idea to introduce too much different meds too soon or how you’d tell what’s doing/not doing what? Helen


Ah I see, I’ve seen shops with signs outside selling it - like vape shops. I wouldn’t be comfortable taking something that I dont actually know what’s in it. Plus like you say Helen im taking new tabs, magnesium and Co-enzyme all pretty much at the same time so yes I agree.

I dont know if it was prescribed in the future for my MS by my neuro I would be happier to try it but not from a shop where the ingredients are in Vietnamese :see_no_evil:


One would seriously have to check sourcing. I think certain MS cases would qualify so you never know it might be available for you in the future, and it works wonders with epilepsy. Helen


Hi Lucy. I have got that today although didn’t wake up with it. It almost feels like a sinus headache and the back of my head and neck aches. Always thought it was to do with the fact I am shortsighted,although wear glasses, and straining my neck. I have got worn discs in my neck. I tried CBD oil but I think you need it with the’THC’ to be any good. Have you tried LDN? I have been researching it for ages as I have ulcerative colitis and it is meant to be very good for MS? Paracetamol I take for the headaches although try to limit them. Think my drugs for UC don’t help. I am also taking magnesium and B2 as Riboflavin 5 Phosphate.Hope u find relief.R.