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Nausea - Changing symptoms


So my usual vestibular migraine symptoms of dizziness and unbalance has turned into more extreme nausea recently. Just when I was getting used to the old symptoms now something different. It will be three years with symptoms next spring and have found some medications have been helping me and others created more side effects. I could not handle Effexor and back on the Amitriptyline along with Gabapentin and Buspar. I could understand if a new medication was recently introduced but that is not the case. Has this happened to anyone else? Triggers appear to be the same but the nausea feeling of being car sick is not fun.


I’ve had motion sick nausea come and go, I think especially when adjusting to meds and my vestibular system is playing “catch up”. Thankfully I haven’t had it very much and I’ve never had the spins. Is it possible that you are just coming down with something? I’ve noticed with my MAV its hard to know if I’m even sick sometimes. Once I had really bad nausea and was really worried but then I threw up and realized I probably had food poisoning or a stomach bug.

Sorry to hear you are still battling at 3 years. I’m almost exactly at 2 years.


Sounds much par for the course I’m afraid. The condition morphs over time. Fifteen years in, I’ve found it’s only constant is the fact it keeps changing. Like you, still takes me by surprise though when it happens. Guess it’s all sign of increased hypersensitivity. The more extreme nausea is because MAV is currently more active. I’ve always been car sick since a tiny child. The only reason I can travel without sickness is habituation - regular practice. My system is so sensitive to motion I’ve had to habituate to specific distances. At school I used to travel maybe nine miles twice daily by coach to school and back. I’d be fine. Went on coach trip to London, fine until we passed the nine mile mark then oh buoy! But that’s just me. Now the worse my MAV is the worse the motion sickness. Currently my MAV’s more active than it has been and I’m getting adverse reaction to light -return of symptom I thought had gone controlled by meds. With regard to conpletely new symptoms, for years I had episodic self contained vertigo attacks but then it gradually added in light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, rear head pressure. Then symptoms appeared between acute bouts and then it went 24/7. So, MAV does just keep on changing. Helen