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Nail Salon Nightmare


Had a hike that in the spring. Leaves, moss, dappled sunlight - profound nausea. Very nice.


Contrast Sensitivity is one of the commoner types of photophobia and you’ll probably find its closely linked to your current reaction in restaurants too. It was mixed contrast lighting - pre-Christmas meal in big restaurant (no actual ‘Christmas decoration’ lighting but still), that actually first pushed my episodic vertigo attacks straight through into relentless 24/7 non-stop what will be four years ago come early December. The irony of this timing is that the meal was a celebration with my Tai Chi group, the group I had joined because Tai Chi helps with one’s balance! It was some considerable time before I could laugh at that one!

From what I’ve read of your history your MAV journey is exactly mirroring mine four years on which probably just goes to show that it’s ‘weird’ and ‘unusual’ From the outside but, for MAV, it’s very much parr for the course. Sure it’s a common enough pattern. It’ll be fascinating indeed to hear Dr Rauch’s take on your situation if you feel able to share that info in due course. Helen


Will definitely share recommendations from Dr Rauch when I see him in November.


Oh gosh that sucks so random I never would of thought of that I hope ur feeling better x


I checked in with Dr. Rauch last Friday. He was pleased that I was making fast progress. The migraine diet has really helped decrease a lot of my symptoms. The vertigo has stopped and the headaches decreased. I told him I still have the feeling that things are moving around me especially when I walk outside and sensitivity to lights, noise and chemical odors are a big trigger. He wants me to try the magnesium and B2 supplements for two months and check back in with him in January. He will recommend preventive medication if the supplements don’t help.


Hi, and thanks so much for updating us. Interesting Dr Raunch seems to be keeping you away from the meds reserving them for last resort. That’s good. I’m sure catching it early will have helped considerably. The longer one has MAV, the longer it seems to want to hang around. It seems many people get by with diet, lifestyle changes and supplements. So much better than long-term medication if it works. Please let the forum know how it goes. Helen


Good Morning Helen,

I still have a question on posting. Like you just mentioned “let the forum know how it goes.” Do I start a new post or continue on with this post under Nail Salon Nightmare? I still get confused on posting?


Hi rosjane,

In summary: post here any follow up to your original post.

When posting the people you need to consider are:

  • those interested in your original topic and its updates.
  • board members & the wider internet who might search to find your information
  • the people who have to maintain the forum (me!)

Whenever you post you will notice the Topic gets bumped up to the top of the default “Latest” view, so there is no need to post a new Topic, just continue on the original thread and readers of the forum will see that it has updates. Indeed, the original participants will be emailed that there is a new post (except if they’ve visited very recently) and also shown a big circle by the Topic title with a number in it which shows the number of new posts they haven’t read on the subject, so if you were to create a new Topic, none of those people would receive those notifications.

In fact I would prefer if you kept all related posts within the same Topic (within reason).

The related guidelines are here, and I think you would agree, make fairly common sense?:


Thank you so much for that information. Now I completely understand how to post correctly! Have a great day.


Pleasure rosjane. I was a bit grumpy about general posting discipline (or lack of it) yesterday. Apologies if I came across as heavy handed and worried you unnecessarily.


To be honest the thought didn’t cross my mind that you were grumpy. You were just
doing your job in keeping the forum in order. I appreciated it. Thanks for all your hard work keeping up with this forum. It is my go to first thing in the morning if you can believe it! Such a great support and help.