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Nail Salon Nightmare


I was feeling really good the last three months. No vertigo episodes. Just a little motion sickness in the car. Diet again has been helping. I had my nails done with gel. The gel is suppose to be organic. The appointment was 45 minutes long. There were multiple steps. I think between the fumes and the uv light machine for drying the nails probably triggered an attack later that evening. I left somewhat ok after I left. I met my husband for dinner and had scallops. Don’t know how fresh they were. I went to bed and woke up at 4:30 that morning feeling weird and got to a sitting position and the room started to spin. I sat for a minute or two until it stopped. Still feeling lightheaded and off balance today. I am in a wedding this weekend and we all had our nails done so I will have to wait until Monday to get the gel removed as you can’t remove it yourself. I will be exposed to more chemicals when they remove the gel on Monday. I should have listened to my gut feeling knowing that the chemicals would be a problem. What a nightmare!


Oh man. That sucks. I haven’t dared to go in a nail salon in years.


Don’t ever step in one. The chemicals are a major trigger for MAV. I found out they have to soak the nail with acetone for 15 minutes to remove the gel. I’ll need a gas mask and I’m not kidding.


I got some pretty masks on Amazon. You can still smell stuff, but it filters out the particulates. You can get stronger filters, too.


So sorry to hear of yr experience. If I really wanted to bring on a full MAV attack a nail saloon or a large ladies hairdressers would be just where I’d head. Better than The Gym where you can cause damage by straining lifting weights or maybe even get concussion when you lose balance and bang your head. Saloons with all those chemicals, hot air, lights - all the triggers in the one bag. It does take a good while to adapt to this new way of life. I’ve not ventured into any saloons for years, like @flutters, wouldn’t dare. Luckliy I’ve a friend who has had labs. And doesn’t do saloons either ever so we’ve a nice civilised arrangement where about six of us meet up at her place about once a month with another friend who just happens to be a mobile hairdresser amd we all chatter whilst getting our hair done. You could call it a Coffee Morning but it’s more a Herbal Tea Morning really. We had one only yesterday, all carried out in natural light where there are windows to release fumes if necessary. I really don’t understand cos the staff in these saloons survive, particularly those fumes, Funnily enough yesterday the hairdressers had brought too few ‘colours’ and offered bleach to which a cry went up in unison ‘oh, no bleach!’ Because of the fumes, Hope you soon recover and good luck with the removal process. Do get that mask. Helen


Good Morning Helen, Yah. I was feeling good that day. I forget that I have to change my lifestyle because of the sensitivity to so many things. When I have a good stretch where I don’t have any symptoms I say great I am healed and don’t have to avoid the triggers anymore but then it starts all over again. I have to realize that this is a chronic disorder and that I have to work really hard at avoiding the triggers everyday. I am getting a little bit depressed and not getting a good nights sleep is wearing me down because I am nervous about waking up with that weird, spinning sensation which hasn’t been happening lately except the day I had my nails done. I am thinking I should start on some medication. It seems like most people are on some sort of medication. I will talk to Dr. Rauch about Nortriptyline at my appointment in December. I may try to get in sooner to see him. I love that mask! I will be ordering one of those today. Thanks. Ross


It got me thru the Pacific Northwest smoke season.



Just tell yr Dr Raunch abt yr saloon experience and I suspect he’ll medicate you. IMHO ~betterto start meds before it goes chronic. I believe it’s easier to halt progress than stop chronic symptoms. Wish I’d had opportunity. When I was yr stage, nobody knew what was wrong with me, and it went on getting worse for years. Helen


I can so relate to that! If only I’d known I had MAV two years (or 20) ago.


Yes, I had 12 years undiagnosed and whilst ‘What If’’s are pointless, one does wonder whether one could have got rid of it had it been recognised and treated so much sooner. I’ve read it doesn’t make any difference but not sure whether I believe that. Dr S said to @sputnik2 hers will take longer because it’s so longstanding which sounds nearer the truth to me, Helen


That’s what I’m thinking, too. :confused:


I got one like that on Amazon but its black, makes me look like a ninja. My dog hates it and tries to pull it off my face.


That is so funny your dog pulls it off. I love the ninja turtles. Maybe I should get black. :slight_smile:


I just rescheduled my appointment from December 14 to November 9th with Dr. Rauch. I have to get in to see him. I just walked with my friend for twenty minutes and I felt horrible. The trees had beautiful color but everything was wavy and weird and I started to get off balance and dizzy. I couldn’t wait to get home. I didn’t have my sunglasses because the sun wasn’t out but that was a mistake. It was still too bright for me. I had to sit down with the lights off until the feeling subsided. That walk was suppose to be a nice aerobic walk but ended up making me so nervous with everything moving like I was in a poltergeist movie or something.


Sorry, Love. I’ve had a few of those nightmare hikes.


Do you think if I had my sunglasses on it wouldn’t have happened. I have to try walking tomorrow with my sunglasses on to see if it makes any difference. Will let you know the outcome.


I don’t know. Some days the sunglasses are enough to keep me from tripping over my thresholds. Some days they aren’t. It depends on how high or low my thresholds were to begin with. I know I made no progress until I started meds.


Sunglasses may or may not help. Give a go but don’t wear them indoors please. With MAV you may well find more trouble with Contrast Sensitivity than clear sunshine. Dull day outside, our light comes from the sky and earth is dark, backlit, the contrast between the two causes the problem. Think avenue of trees backlit by sun, light and dark alternating, that’s another to watch out for particularly travelling in car. With Contrast Sensitivity You’ll find similar in mixed room lighting, some natural and some artifical will do it. You’ve got to bear in mind your whole system is now hypersensitive as a result of your saloon experience. As @flutters says think thresholds. Yours are very low because of the saloon trip and you’ll react to things you’ve not reacted to before. As @flutters says cannot imagine it’ll improve now without meds. Glad you managed to bring your appointment forward. Helen


Great explanation of what is happening with contrast sensitivity. I seem to fall heavily into that category. My brain and vision gets so confused trying to decipher all the different contrast of lighting. This is just weird… that is all I can say. Will let you know how I make out with my upcoming appointment. Thanks Ross


Yeah, I had that really bad many times. Felt like I was on drugs, just completely overstimulated with all the foliage.