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My Diary: effexor and functional medicine


Thank you for sharing your story. Its interesting to see the order of meds that Dr S choose for you. It seems that he uses Effexor quite a bit recently, Did he every give any reasons why he choose the medications he put you on?


About as rare as hens teeth in UK, outside The Capital, and even more expensive last time I checked. Fundamentally a brilliant idea but no doubt very time consuming and therefore expensive. Pity more local doctors didn’t participate, if only in part, but they don’t look for root causes, just, if you are lucky, treat visible symptoms. Helen


It’s trendy now for alternative doctors to say they are looking into root causes and blame regular docs for treating only symptoms. But some of the alternative medicine root causes get pretty weird and hard to prove, like mercury in fillings and such… They’re not all like that of course, and I do like alternative medicine in addition to regular mainstream, but you still need to fact check a bit with them I think. If they were better at the specialists at finding root cause, then I think we’d see a shift from specialists to these special “root cause” doctors. Maybe time will tell.


Could not agree more Erik!!!


Dr. S said that effexor was good for visual symptoms, for the nortriptyline he didn’t say


Mine is an actual doctor who integrated functional medicine to her practice. She is really expensive though. She is in London.


Dr S swapped me from Ami to Nort as he said he prefers it out the two as it doesn’t make you groggy next day (just shattered from the insomnia instead lol), Managed to book a telephone appointment 6th Feb but not sure can wait that long getting couple hours sleep a night, chronic sensitivity to light which I think is what causes my chronic positional vertigo stiff neck.
I’m itching to try Effexor I could probably ask GP for it but go away 19th for week not sure the side effects? Risky?


Quick update: since I reduced the nortriptyline of 5 mg, I am having some symptoms in the evening grrrrrrr, hoping is just the adjustment as 5 is really not much


has being pretty mild to me, just warn you to star low and slow and that it will cause more insomnia before your sleep gets better


Ok thanks what mg did you start Effexor on ?


I started at 10 went up to 50 and stayed there for 1 year


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is’nt nortriptline a capsule of minimum 10mg. How did you go down 5mg ?

Don’t reduce further until you stabilize.

I went down on Amitriptyline and had horrid headache and went back to 10mg.


I have a pill splitter for 5mg


I meant nortriptyline is only available as a capsule in the US. No ?

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So glad your feeling better


I have 25 mg pills and 10 mg. I did 1 x 25 and 2 x 10 :slight_smile:


what was your max dose of ami?


I started on the normal version not the release. I used a splitter to cut the 37.5 in quarters, then once at full dose I asked the GP to put me on the extended release