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My cure so far


My migraine cure and dizziness cure is as follows (pretty much 99% cured although occasionally I get a some of the weird feeling but overall it’s gone)

200mg chelated magnesium in the morning (I use Dr’s Best brand now - best one yet!)
400mg B2
200 CoQ10 (kaneka type of it)

I may take 200mg of magnesium malate at night to help me sleep and hold me over to the morning… but I haven’t started that yet.

When I am having a migraine day, I up the dose to 400mg of chelated mag. - 200mg in the morning and 200 in the afternoon.

I hope that you are all feeling better!!!


Thanks for sharing what’s working for you Liv!! Glad you are 99% that gives hope to some of us. Mentioning the brand name helps too because not all supplements are created equal sometimes. Do you take the trio all in the morning with food on a regular day?


Hi Zeal! Yes, I take the trio in the morning (magnesium, B2, and CoQ10)- I also take claritin pretty regularly which seems to help and sometimes St. John’s Wort if I’m feeling depressed.

I am positive the magnesium and CoQ10 are the ones that are the most helpful but I take B2 as an insurance policy. If I can get rid of that one and not have any problems, I’ll let you guys know.

I am very happy to be feeling better and am trying to get back to working and repairing some aspects of my life that had been harmed due to the MAV for three years! You are all in my prayers xx


what type of b12 do you take?

edit: never mind I thought you said b12. interesting


That’s exactly what my neurotologist told me to take! Although slightly different dosages. I have been taking B and magnesium for a week or so now but haven’t started on the CoQ. After seeing this, I am starting the CoQ now too. I guess I wanted to see if I could see improvements from just one at a time for a while, but so far no real improvement from just the first two.


Yes magnesium is KEY. The right type too - and at the high enough dose to make a difference.

I’ve found that Doctor’s Best brand (it’s chelated so better absorbed) is amazing - it doesn’t cause the GI issues that other magnesium does. As I mentioned, if I take 2 of the Drs Best mag in the morning along with 200 CoQ10 (Blue Bonnet is the brand I’m taking right now - Whole Foods’ brand also seems like a good type) and 400mg B2 I’m good as gold most of the day. Then I take 2 more of the magnesium pills in the evening about 12 hours later to hold me over to the next day.

I also take claritin daily for allergies and sometimes a gabapentin or St Johns Wort every once and a while when i’m feeling nervous or depressed as I think those emotions brought on my MAV condition to begin with.

Hope you all feel better soon xx


Hi liv85, I’m so glad that you’ve found a cure! I’m struggling very badly with the vertigo. Can you tell me if you are also making adjustments to your diet or any other lifestyle changes? Or is this cocktail the only changes you’ve made and this is working? Thanks so much!


Hi Tenney! Yes it’s a struggle but you will get better. It takes a lot of experimentation but it’s kind of a game in it’s own right… testing out stuff!!

Anyway, I find that gabapentin in terms of meds (100mg 3x a day) is amazing for eliminating some of the symptoms and also anxiety that accompanies them. It’s my favorite drug by FAR - no side effects to speak of at my tiny dose (but I’m sensitive to drugs so you may be able to experiment with gaba at higher doses and other drugs too - like topamax which helps a lot of people over a more gradual period it seems - and nortriptyline). See a neurologist ASAP who understands vestibular migraines and see if you can try something to at least get the vertigo under control.

Once you feel a bit better, yes see if you can control the situation with diet and supplements alone - or with minimal drugs. I still take gabapentin from time to time when I’m under stress and know that my symptoms will flare with stimuli like lots of presentation screens and stuff like that.

The combo that has worked well for me is 200mg of magnesium (doctors best) 2 x a day, or 400 of magnesium glycinate (KAL) 2 x a day (I think that the doctors best brand is more absorbable and that’s why it’s a lower dose that works well). The KAL brand is easier to swallow however!!

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B2 at 400mg also helps as does CoQ10 at at least 300mg a day (I was taking 400mg a day but it seems to be causing a little GI issues - but maybe that was the magnesium but I"m not so sure about that since this type of magnesium isn’t supposed to be doing that!)

St JOhns Wort has also helped me (GAIA Brand) because it is like an SSRI/tricyclic antidepressant - what it does is alter the way the serotonin is uptake in the brain so that you sense the pain/vestibular symptoms differently from your nerves, and it mutes it. Unfortunately for me, who is so sensitive to meds, I get bloated from anything that changes my serotonin levels, so I am going to see if the supps with the gabapentin at a low dose are my perfect combo.

overall I am much better when I don’t eat lots of fruits that are very ripe (most importantly berries oranges, and bananas) and nuts and other foods high in tyramine, avoiding MSG and gluten, and fermented foods like yogurt (although I do still enjoy a glass of wine even red wine since I’ve been feeling better!!) Beer causes more issues for me maybe it’s the gluten. Watch out for hidden MSG in “natural flavors” in ingredients. Try to eat lower sugar and that helps.

Tyramine increases head pressure. Don’t eat calcium rich foods at the same time as the magnesium as it competes for absorption but do eat calcium later in the day at some point to make sure you get enough of a balance overall!

Also Vitamin D, C and b12 are good to supplement with for immune strength.

My theory is that MAV is caused by vestibular neuritis of some sort… damages/inflames the nerves and makes them overexcitable and in pain. Over time it recovers a bit on its own but the supps and meds do also help a great deal, as do avoidance of foods and drinks that increase blood vessel dilation (tyramine) as that exacerbates symptoms. Caffeine constricts the blood vessels fyi

Keep up your strength , you will feel better, I PROMISE - I am pretty much living my life as before with some modifications (I have to make sure I get enough sleep and don’t overdose on caffeine anymore!!!)


It should be noticed that St. John’s Wort can reduce the effect of other medications, some of them are certainly relevant for migraine patients. Hormonal BC is also included. Please take a Look here in section “Interaktions”


Did the malate help?