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seen this?

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Excellent … nice to see the NHMRC cracking down on homeopathy but they better not crack down on Milo! :lol:


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Excellent … nice to see the NHMRC cracking down on homeopathy but they better not crack down on Milo! :lol:

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Milo has far too many ingredients to qualify as homeopathic :lol:


Each naturopath works differently l guess. But the one l saw was not into homeopathy, more into eating good clean foods without any kind of supplements. She said if we eat a balanced diet we should be able to get most of what our bodies need from food. The problem is with me l am not always careful what l eat. More careful now since having MAV, but far from perfect.
Still working on it

Sue :slight_smile:


I had a Milo last night and sat on the beach with my mate in the rain. It was awesome. Scott buddy, I sent a toast to you. May peace, and Milo, always be with you. :smiley:


Do they have anything that’s not chocolate? I’m trying to follow the heal your headache migraine diet and I was looking at protein powders today and pretty much the only powders for energy that don’t violate that are collagen and beef ones and rice ones (trying to avoid soy as its a maybe on the diet plus I tried whey and it made me feel dizzy) so I can see which ones have the most B vitamins. none of them have MSG even though they have glutamic acid But I think that’s fine on the migraine diet since it’s not msg.


MILO. Gracious. That took me back to my childhood. Didn’t know you could still buy it. My Granny loved the stuff, made with full cream milk, and did her best to feed it to me. I hated it. As you say it doesn’t fit in with the Migraine Diet, does it. Chocolate and malt made with barley. Bit like Marmite really. You either love it or hate it. I do wonder how deficient these Migraine Diets actually are. Would be good to know. Could see why MILO might give a much needed boost. I looked long and hard at extra protein in form of whey powder because I’ve read Propranolol gives 50% more efficiacy following high protein foods. However I desisted because of the thought of even more weight-gain. Betablockers have already had an affect on my waistline and elasticated waists only stretch so far! Helen


I’d like to avoid weight gain too though if something helps I’m open to some or flexible. I don’t eat sugar or too much fat and only around 50-60% of my body weight in protein so was thinking of trying rice then if that doesn’t work collagen or beef protein powder or basically seeing which of those or whatever available has more b vitamins to try to mimic milo. I agree migraine diet prolly is inefficient but I’ve been on it this long and I think if I can find way to stay on it might as well


Can you do dairy? Milk and string cheese (mozzarella) works for me in the morning for protein. Sometimes I’ll eat leftovers around 10:00AM, like some pork chop or chicken as additional protein before lunch.

Well the migraine diet is restrictive and annoying, but I can’t see how it would be deficient in vitamins/minerals since you can eat most vegetables and lots of fruits. In addition you can have dairy and meats. I’m no dietician, but I can’t think of anything you would be missing, other than happiness eating tasty chocolate treats. MILO sounds pretty good, like Cocoa Puffs in the states. :grinning:


Ah, cross purpose diets, maybe. UK Dr S’s migraine diet has no dairy. I’d say bound to be deficient. John Hopkins Clinic one - different story. I like the John Hopkins one cos life without tea isn’t life in my opinion. I was told no diet necessary at all, not even caffeine restriction but I’m giving in a go in a hope of getting improvement on the ‘improvement’

Ah, the happiness of ‘tasty chocolate treats’. Don’t think I can remember what chocolate tastes of really. Too many years have passed. Strict avoidance from thirteen ‘cured’ my headaches. Unfortunately it wasn’t permanent but then the MAV ‘cheated’ by coming back as vertigo. That’s not playing fair. Helen