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Sounds like Milo with some exercise is doing a good job at helping you knock this thing. Don’t stop the exercising once your on a roll, your brain will get used to it at some point and the milo is probably playing a roll also. Keep on moving.

How do I get this milo stuff in Michigan? I may just have to get it on amazon.



Do you guys have a Cost Plus around you? I hear they carry it.



No Cost Plus around here. :frowning:



FYI - This is one of the reviews of Milo on Amazon:

(admin: deleted due to potential copyright infringement, please go to the product page.)


Not relevant to Milo, but just in case someone reads the mention of B vitamins and is inclined to take off running, here’s something from Oliver Sacks, writing The man who mistook his wife for a hat in 1970: “. . . large numbers of patients are turning up everywhere now with severe sensory neuropathies. . . . Most of them are health faddists,or are on a megavitamin craze, and have been taking enormous quantities of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine). . . .”


Does milo have any potassium in it?



Scott, whatever is going on, I am just happy to hear that you are in a positive direction here. That’s fantastic. God knows you deserve it after all you have been through!



I just wanted to say thanks to Scott that you’ve helped me find a new trigger :lol: something in Milo has set me off BIG TIME. I’m guessing the malt as it’s the only thing I don’t really consume on a regular basis.

Pass me the valium :lol:



I’m down in Melb for a couple of days and just bought and other can. 450 g for less than 5 bucks! :lol:

Sorry it knocked you around. :shock:


Ijm fine now - or at least back to baseline - a stemetil and 1mg valium - and a massage that luckily I had organised for today :lol:

hope you’re having fun being a “mexican” for a few days :lol:


Just got some milo in a ready to drink can. My wife found it for me. She found it at some philipeno tai oriental grocery market. Gonna try it today before I hit the gym.



I am happy with it now that i do not make it with milk anymore :slight_smile:
So it helped me find the milk (lactose) trigger for sure ;p (already had suspicions)

It seems to give me a boost (especially a more clear head!), but i will ‘watch the results’ for a little while longer.


To Scott

Are you still on the Milo diet bud? I wondered if you’d ditched it since you’ve been feeling so rotten lately with your neck?

I nailed that tub you gave me… like, in 3 sittings… me and Milo are like a match made in heaven :smiley:

Anyone else still mainlining?



Hi Mupster,

Yup, still hitting the Milo, but just once a week and one spoonful. Any more than that and I get totally jacked up on it and can’t sleep that night. Crazy eh? So despite the migraine nightmare going on right now, my baseline mood is still very good – much improved compared with pre-Milo (vit B blast) days. Back then I was very low at times and much more up and down. I’ll be staying with Milo forever. Any zing when you bathed in the Milo I gave you? :shock:



Hey guys,

My husband (soon to be ex hubby) is from Australia and he introduced me to Milo years ago. He himself is addicted. When I saw the name of this post, I thought there is no way it can be about Milo the chocolate milk stuff. And sure enough it was. I’m a new Maver and am willing to try anything to get out of this hell. So I followed the link that Scott sent on Amazon but noticed the ones on Amazon are the older ones that don’t have all the added vitamins. At least not what I can tell. But I’m going to get my hands on some as quick as I can. Plus my 4 year old will love it too and will benefit from the added vitamins. I’ll just have my mother in law send me some. Can’t wait!!!

Thanks for the advice Scott and the laughs. Need some laughs right now!!! :smiley: Cheers mate!!!



Hi Scott

When l was first diagnosed with Mav, l drank milo instead of my usual hot choc, made with pure cocoa powder at might.

Looking back l don’t really remember if l felt better, l think l felt slightly better.

When l asked the naturopath what she thought of milo, she said it was full of rubbish and not to drink it, and that’s when l stopped. l will give it another go when or even if the MAV returns.

:smiley: sue


— Begin quote from “shezian”

When l asked the naturopath what she thought of milo, she said it was full of rubbish and not to drink it

— End quote

That’s pretty funny coming from a naturopath. No doubt they’d tell you it’s full of sugar, and sugar is poison … something along those lines. :roll:


More like the natropaths are full of rubbish hahaha! :lol:


seen this?