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Oh, it’s a cricket paddle? :oops:


Anne, they don’t actually call it a paddle in cricket, they call it a bat too - though it looks like one of our baseball bats that got run over by a steamroller.

It’s a bit of a sticky wicket, trying to understand these strange foreigners’ games…



— Begin quote from “scott”

So get this guys … over the weekend I had no Milo. But today at work I had one spoonful only in a tall glass of cold 1% milk. It forms this crunchy layer on the top and you have to smash it up to make it dissolve in cold milk.

So 30 minutes later and I started getting that feeling like I want to party again. :lol: I was really feeling too charged to be honest and found it hard to concentrate for about 2 hours on work (but no headache). I left work feeling revved but in a good way, got home, and instead of flopping onto the couch like a sack of potatoes like a typical day in my life, I put on some running shoes and shorts and headed down to the board walk at Bondi.

I started power walking and then RAN about 500 m then walked the rest. I NEVER run anywhere unless I happen to be chased by an axe wielding maniac. I got home and did some weights and 30 sit ups. What the …? :shock:

Tomorrow I’m having a day off the Milo. It’s blowing me away this stuff and I have to find the right dose. I’m now slightly starting to wonder if I could possibly free myself of the Paxil. A long shot and probably wishful thinking but maybe … how do kids take this and do any school work?


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Wow, that is crazy. I wonder if the mysterious ingredient in Milo, Actigen-E, is the brand name for crystal meth.


— Begin quote from “KooKoo”

Wow, that is crazy. I wonder if the mysterious ingredient in Milo, Actigen-E, is the brand name for crystal meth.

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So, a reality check this morning. All that exercise last night and my over-indulgence in avocado yesterday (a whole one throughout the day) has me migraining like a maniac this morning. Short-term memory gone, dark circles under my eyes, neck pain, and light dizziness. Sounds like a weather forecast!

But mood is very upbeat despite the crap above. Don’t forget that Milo has chocolate in it and it could make some feel worse. It seems in this migraine world that one person’s meat can be another person’s poison. Also, I react on micro doses of drugs etc, so you may not get anything from it. Worth a try though and keen to hear if anyone else feels more energised from it.

Greg – I’ll see how I’m going in another 2 weeks or so and think about the possibility of lowering Paxil if my mood is still stable like this. The longest I’ve ever gone without an SSRI pulsing through my veins is about 6 weeks. After that the mother of all crashes usually follows.

S 8)



If you do decide to get off paxil, don’t forget during the weaning off stages you might even feel better than you do now. That happened to me when I weaned off Nortryptaline. I was taking Nort every other day for a week to wean off and during that time I was actually 100%. Knowing what I know now, If that ever happens to me again when I’m weaning off something, I’m going to just keep weaning and maybe never totally get off it. Don’t know if it would sustain if I were to just keep weaning, but I’ll certainly try if I’m back at 100%.



Hi Greg,

The same effect has happened to me a few times in the past when I dumped my meds. Happened twice on Cipramil and then on Paxil in early 2010. But it didn’t last. It’s like the migraine brain gets tricked for a while and then comes back madder than hell. Each time I came off it was about 5-6 weeks and then BOOM, I was in the trenches far deeper than anyone wants to be and I had to go back on else I literally couldn’t function.




What a disaster. I once again changed my mind on the next med I’m going to try. Looks like I’m going to go with celexa here shortly. I was leaning towards the nort again, but after thinking about it more, there was a reason why I decided to dump it in the first place, and that was because I wasn’t satisfied with the results. So celexa seems like it’ll chill out my system and calm this visual stuff right down. It seems to be working alright for Doug/Longshort here, so I think I should give it a whirl. It might be what I need. But I won’t know unless I try it so I just gotta build up the courage and get it.



Cipramil/ Celexa was a very good med for me in terms of killing MAV and it should help you out. Unfortunately for me it caused endless neck pain and headaches plus weird muscle pains as though there were tiny needles stuck in my ass … and so I got off the stuff. It was good in the beginning but when I increased from 10 to 15 mg all the weird stuff began and never stopped even when I reduced it. Once off, it stopped.



Was there a chance you could’ve switched to Lexapro as those 2 meds are very similar? Maybe you wouldn’t get some of those side effects.



The active molecule in Lex is identical to that found in Celexa. In Lex they have removed the mirror image molecule (but ineffective) that is created in production. So, in the end, Lex also caused the same side effects for me. It also really jacked me up. Shame it didn’t work.

BTW, I’m getting trashed with migraine this week. Maybe the running kicked it off or maybe theres a virus going through me but Milo certainly does nothing for this part of it.



— Begin quote from “scott”

BTW, I’m getting trashed with migraine this week. Maybe the running kicked it off or maybe theres a virus going through me but Milo certainly does nothing for this part of it.

— End quote

Hi Scott,
I was really interested in the Milo and your story, because I seem to have zero energy levels lately - just crashing out in the evenings. But isn’t it composed in large part of Barley Malt extract (MSG)…? I’m still really tempted to give it a try though…


Yes, it was the barley malt that put me off. I have to avoid that like the plague. Pity - otherwise I definitely would have given Milo a shot. Even though it has the same name as our dog! :smiley:



Hmmm interesting.
I am new to the site and i really had to check the date of this story… i was looking at the dates on the righthand side, but this is indeed a recent find?
I also see that the comparative stuff Nestle does sell here in the Netherlands, is different.
But i wouldnt be surprised if there are/were indeed deficiencys with the migraine-diet and all.

It also conspicisouly sounds a lot like what we are all craving for: a miracle solution…

But yes, i am on the net finding a dealer for me ^^


:slight_smile: i talked to my husband about the Milo and it turns out he knows there’s an “Aussie-shop” in town… and they actually sell it too!


UK people, Sainsburys sell it for less than £3.00 :slight_smile:


Hmmm, most curious. Doesn’t surprise me with all the B-vitamins. I mean, isn’t it B-6 or B-12 that they used to shoot into Army recruits to keep 'em going on long hauls back in the day? And B-2 with Magnesium is recommended for migraine. But what is Actigen-E??

Never heard of this stuff either (and yes, it does sound like a cat’s name!) Do you mix it with water or milk? It sounds like it would be yummy but I’m unclear as to its potency. (I already take a multi-vitamin and b2).


Yup, you mix it with milk - hot or cold. If you’re already loaded up on B vita it may make no difference but then maybe it will. Worth a try given it costs so little.



Just checking back in guys on the posts and was especially interested in this one… Scottie, are you still having a glass daily or every other day?

Man, I could drink my own body weight of this stuff… GIVE ME MILO!!!

Me gotta see if this works for me too - because if it does, I’m planning on growing the size of a small barn with consumption. :twisted:


Hey Mupp,

I’m having a spoonful about every other day now. Had a hit today and was all charged again. Definitely no longer dragging my ass around like I was before. A huge shift for me. I was definitely lacking something. Maybe chocolate? :lol:


Milo-di-choco-pam. MAV miracle cure!