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i am looking to see if anyone has tried migralens?

They offer 28 days return policy and are approved by the migraine action charity. I have heard good things about them and you can’t go wrong with 28 days return policy. Sunglasses seem to help so i am thinking of trying these?

I am hoping this will help with computer and florescent lights

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Hi, I did not buy the migralense (this is the first I’ve heard of them.) I did buy glasses made by Axon Optics for migraine. I believe they do help me. I use them when I am on the computer, watch TV and around bright lights. I bought my first pair of “good” sunglasses for outdoors. They are a brand called Maui Jim and they are polarized on the inside and outside. These look like they are worth a shot. I am not sure about the pound to dollar conversion so I can’t tell how expensive they are.