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Migraine World Summit coming March 20, 2019.


You can register it is FREE ! And you have 24 hours to watch the videos. The topics in the above link cover most of what has been discussed in this group, some of them like -neck can it cause migraines, Ketogenic diet. There is one on Understanding Balance, Vertigo and Dizziness. Not all of us have the time to keep up with the latest literature in this area so this summit can catch you up in that case.


I registered last year and didn’t findmany helpful talks but this year there are several interesting ones such as the dizziness talk and the treating unresponsive migraine talk.


Thanks for that GetBetter .

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Yes. I’m thinking of buying it too as there seems to be a lot there for the maver.

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I am willing to chime in as well. Can we all share and get a login which we can keep for life @napagirl @AntofBlackpool


@GetBetter what do u mean? Login for life?


I was wondering about that, too.


Lifetime Access, No Annual Fee. One time fee of 99$ for 2019 videos.if 3 people share it is 33 per person

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Do you mean to the Migraine Summit?


Yes i meant the migraine summit.


@napagirl @AntofBlackpool the entire summit is available free on the facebook “vestibular migraine professional” group. They got permission to share, do not waste your money trying to purchase it.

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And the best part is that they have all of the transcripts in PDF, which are in a shared Dropbox folder and can be downloaded to your own computer. I just downloaded all 32 files!


Thank you!


Gosh! Just hope it didn’t give your computer a headache. Helen

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Do you mean a migraine headache? :smile:

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