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Migraine summit 2018


this is online and this is free. And the topic list is very interesting and there is a section on vestibular migraine.

The schedule is here

As i was skimming through the FAQs i saw that there is a section on Vestibular migraine (

PS: James, I know you don’t subscribe to the Migraine Causality theory :slight_smile: but i think even if we can get one valuable nugget out of the many presentations which will help us, i will take it.


I listened to some of the sessions last year. Since most of us have extensively researched this condition a lot of it will be stuff we already know, but some of the knowledge the doctors had and some of the things presented were fascinating. I highly recommend signing up, it’s free if you can listen to them within the first 24 hours each day they air, and it’s well worth it. I also liked hearing how different experts have their “go to” medications and their rationales for it.


I tried to register in the pop-up box where you enter your email address and your first name. I tried twice and both times it just sat there with a bar across the top that said “50% complete.” This was in the Firefox browser.

I switched to Internet Explorer and it worked. I just received my “ticket” in my email Inbox.


I just registered. Thanks for sharing!