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Migraine Prophylaxis Paper


Not a bad introduction to it I thought @turnitaround this is where it states to expect results from Amitriptyline within four weeks but Propranolol can take six months. Helen


I’m assuming this is for ‘regular migraines’ though and the studied population didn’t include MAV sufferers?


Guess so though drugs used are pretty much the same, and some might argue MAV is ‘status migraineous’ or simply sensory aura from the ‘migraine’ and that the vertigo was just in place/addition to the ‘migraine’ headache so it’s just treating the same/similar combination of symptoms. UK GP’s I’ve seen just seem to treat it like migraine prophylaxis. They don’t acknowledge MAV at all. Not that I agree with that but it could be a variant. Helen


Which is why I feel they are only treating a symptom. But, heck, all good if it goes away eventually.