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Migraine lenses


I had a look at the Axon Optics website, lots of useful information about photophobia and migraine. I think their glasses look good, did you get them from the US. Are the lenses always pink/red for migraine. I need a new pair of reading glasses and my optician recommended Lutina lenses to filter blue light and harmful UV rays, but the Axon ones seem so much more what I need. And as I need prescription glasses I would prefer to have them made here with those lenses.
I agree about not caring about what other people think, when I went into the supermarket forgetting to take my sunglasses off I was ready for the dreadful dizzy fog but instead nothing, I was able to pick a few things without vertigo. I could not believe it.


Good morning Cassandre, the Axon Optics are the reddish color. They are what works best for me no doubt. I have some of the blue ray blocker readers I wear while on the computer or reading and they work fine, however I’d love a tint like the Axons have for the computer work as well, haven’t found any of those yet. Theraspecs are another great brand that seem to have a more reddish orange tint than the Axon. I am in the US and have had good luck with the Axon brand, quality etc. so I’ve never tried the Theraspecs brand but their website also has some really good information.

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Theraspecs (US) WearOver Theraspecs (US)
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I’d say Theraspecs are pink, the indoor ones at least. The outdoor ones … um. I’ve both sitting in top of the dresser somewhere. I imported them from US several years back. They are overglasses to fit over prescription glasses. I don’t use them. They are new, still in the box. Lots of people do find them useful. The lens are actually FL41 in optician speak and technically it’s possible to get them made up here in UK. If you bring them in from US you have to pay import taxes. About £40.00 I think I paid.

In UK you can also buy Migralens, British made and very dark green lens. I had a pair once on trial. Wore them an hour or so but it seemed so dark. Whatever you do, do not wear sunglasses all the time indoors because your eyes will quite quickly dark adapt. The darker it gets, the darker they want it. With having FL41 tint in your prescription glasses it’s probably the most convenient option. I had various darker tints made up when extremely photophobic however that improved and I outgrew them which makes them bit expensive and also it’s not generallly possible to have tints and reactalites in same pair of glasses, Helen


I love f.lux!


My indoor theraspecs are pink/orange. Outside is orange/brown. I don’t leave the house without them, no matter the weather.