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Migraine / Computer Glasses


The computer screen is causing me a world of pain!! :frowning:
I have tired different screen, Anti-glare screen etc
i am actually considering wearing glasses for when i am in front of the screen. Has anyone tired these and had any success

Interesting article … aines.html


Rob, is the computer screen a problem because it makes your general feelings of dizziness etc worse? Or do you suffer from visual snow/ eye floaters etc? x


Hi both :slight_smile:

I actually asked dr s about these glasses, he didn’t seem to think it was worth the money. There was no direct benefit that he could see that drugs wouldn’t give. Rob- maybe give the new drug combination a go for a while first? See where you are in a month or so ? X


Hi :smiley:

the screen just flares me up. Neck and shoulders tense up and i go hot. I can actually feel my headache slightly now as well

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might get my lenses tinted :lol: … new-study/

yeah your right Anna i will give the new med a go!! :smiley: x


Yes it does the same kind of thing for me. I can’t spend too long at a time on it, I have to lie down in between for a rest.

Are you on new meds Rob? x


Yeah i have had Nortriptyline added. Not started it yet. Hopefully start it in the next couple of days :smiley:


Good luck. It helps with my neck pain so hopefully you will see a difference with yours too x


I use computer /prizm glasses that I only use when I use the computer. I wouldn’t make it 10 minutes without them. I notice a huge differnce if I try not to wear them. They were prescribed by a neuro-opthamologist. I have mav and am greatly affected by computer use as well. I also have a 100 percent computer based job. I have a condition called eye convergence insuffiencey. The glasses are made for people who use computers all day.