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Met the best GP you can ask for


Met her today thru a recommendation from someone from another department at work. Went in and did the usual with the assistant like bp, pulse etc. Doc came in and she sort of knew what was going on because co worker informed her of my condition. She’s willing to give me whatever meds and she knew what ami, effexor vestibular migraine, migraines, hydrops was. She advised me to the bp test while lying dow, sitting, and standing. I guess they are checking for pots? Assistant messed up by not checking the pulse rate while she was doing the bp test. She’s gathering all the info from my previous docs that I have seen and she said she’ll call me in about 2 weeks to redo the bp and pulse test. I was hesitant going in because all I ever wanted was to prescribe more ami for me but this went super well :slight_smile:


That’s great, its so nice to have a GP that trusts you aren’t just an anxiety basket and that gives you such great support. My neurologist is the same. First day he evaluated me he basically said “yeah, I think you are suffering from migraines, so… what do you want to do? supps, drugs, alternatives”? Basically just was super open to what I wanted to try. Anyways, great to hear it, what dose on Ami are you up to?


@Young_Lee Been a while. How you doing otherwise ?


I am on 20 mg but my new gp today told me to bump it up to 30mg and see how it goes.


Still managing. Most days about 80% and rare 90% days. Been lifting weights again and gained some muscle. I gained 20lb after quitting diamox and started ami


wow, that’s amazing! I’m a hard gainer. Took me a year of eating ice cream and pizza to gain 10lbs even going to the gym a lot.


I weighed 115lb at that time which i was way underweight. Being on diamox and the mac diet made me lose so much weight Right now im eating all the junk food and i seem to be fine.


How are you finding the straining wrt your ears?

I can bring on vertigo if I lift something too heavy.


I feel little dizzy while working out but it seems to be ok after about 5 mins of working out. Im not using weights but am using resistance bands which doesnt strain as much as lifting weights. I go light as possible and high reps. I think sumo sqauts are a good vrt exercise since you are going up and down repeatedly.

Also if you have chronic imbalance probelems i think its important to workout your legs or at running. My legs felt weak sometimes wanted to buckle because it was doing lot of compensating and working ot to keep you balance. My legs feel stronger now.


This so awesome it makes such a difference when you have an amazing gp! Sounds like ur in the right hands !


Are you sure it is all muscle :slight_smile: I have gained 20lbs all around my stomach and i am pretty sure not all of it is muscle. Yes the gym can make you feel bizarre but the light weight training has helped me. I recently pulled a muscle in the neck so staying away from shoulder presses. Do you have any neck pain in general ?


I know it’s not all muscle lol. Some fat. I would say half and half although I would like to lose 5 pounds. I sometimes have general neck stiffness but i crack my neck multiple times thru out the day and it helps.


Met my new gp today for a follow up. She gathered all the data from my visits from my previous docs and specialist. She asks me “so it looks like its either vestibular migraine or hydrops. Which diagnose you want to go with because it seems like the treatment is similar. I was like what!!? You are leaving that up to me? She saids sure and it seems like ami is helping so lets keep using that and if you want to try effexor call me anytime. I feel like angel has been sent to me from above lol. I also did some bp test to rule out pots. I asked for blood work as well for vitamin deficiency and cholestrol. I bumped the ami to 30 mg about 3 weeks ago and its too early to tell at the moment if its taking effect but my spirit has been lifted because of the new gp.