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Mental fogginess


Hi everyone
I’m new to this group
I have lots of questions
I have had mental fogginess for many years. I also have depression, lightheadedness, carb and sugar addiction and no energy.
I also have a weird intermittent pressure in my right. ear. It’s very difficult to describe but it’s sort of like an ocean wave which comes and goes. It’s not loud but it’s very annoying … a weird pressure.
My doctor seems to think I have migraines although I haven’t had a headache in maybe 15 years.
I’m not sure this group is what I need but my doctor wanted me to try it.
Anyone else have these symptoms?6


Hi, and very welcome. You certainly sound like One of Us. All your symptoms sound very typical of Migraine Associated Vertigo. Mine started with years of mental fogginess too. You’ll find lots of relevant info here. Check out the Welcome and Wiki sections. Questions- you can always try the ‘Search’ facility, tons of archive but very relevant material there. And you can always fire off questions. No medics on here, you really need doctor/neurologist to diagnose you but practical experience abounds as does non-judgmental support and advice. Has your doctor prescribed anything other than Us. Like meds, diet, lifestyle changes etc as preventatives. Or is it early days yet. Helen


Hi Helen

Thank you so much for responding!!

After months and months of doctors visits, finally a diagnosis
I am so new to this
I do not have headaches/migraines but my doctor believes they are silent
He also believes my symptoms… all of them are directly related
So I’m doing dietary changes first
No meds yet as I’m very allergic to do many medications
I am very glad for this support group
My major frustration is with the mental fogginess and lightheadedness.

Thank you for reaching out

Any suggestions are most welcomed


You get to sound more ‘n more like One of Us. Hypersensitivity to meds is another indicator. Lots of people don’t get headaches. I don’t for one. Perhaps you’d like a read … Helen