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Meds only make me worse - anyone else?


Interesting Functional Medicine. Brilliant concept. So logical. Mind you when you check out lots of symptoms or other conditions they all tend to say find the root cause and that will lead you to the cure. Unfortunately with migraine/MAV that just doesn’t happen.

More than that. Surely migraine is the result of the cause.

Sure FM is a-probable way forward for the future. Unfortunately in UK you can’t even say it’s still in its infancy, more likely just been conceived so unlikely to be available at all for most. Helen


I was treated in the UK. The famous dr S never thought about doing a blood work on me, it’s VM and here are your meds… As I said effexor helped a lot. I was lucky to find this dr in London. I am not yet symptom free but I lead a normal life and I no longer have a 24/7 problem.
It’s available in the UK the only problem is the cost


A lot of my VM is set off by chemicals in the environment. I’m wondering if you’ve fully investigated that?

In my case it’s things that most folks would never consider could even be a problem. Not just the obvious triggers like scented products, but rather off-gassing chemicals from my trash bags, new clothing, new sneakers, glues, newsprint, etc. The list for me is very long. But when I am in a “clean” environment things very much improve for me with the dizziness, scotomas, etc. Also a problem is radiation from “Smart Meters”.

I just wanted to mention this to you because it took me awhile to realize just how triggering these things are. If you are constantly exposed to such an environment, and most of us are, it’s hard to find your normal healthy homeostasis. For folks with extreme sensitivities, even low level (but chronic) exposures can cause big problems.

Hope things work out for you. Maybe consider doing a deep sweep to rid your environment of any and all off-gassing products.


Hi @blueberry0 amazing to hear Effexor helped I am also a patient of dr s . So far not had much relief on nort or proprananol . Am due to see dr s this week . Out of interest what dose of Effexor helped and was this your first med ? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi Amy, I tried Gabapentin, Ami and nortriptyline (that I am currently taking ) I didn’t have much results with it so dr S added effexor. As soon as I started I started to see a difference, I am on 37.5. I have a friend that took him 1 month to see the benefits


Thanks so much @blueberry0 I thought I was the only one not responding so wanted to be prepared when I saw dr s friday . This gives me lots of hope thank you :slight_smile:


I have problems with all that same stuff. Sometimes I think I’d move into a bubble - if I thought I could stand the smell of the plastic!


Oh, come along now @flutters, that’s unlike you, not to think outside the box, or should I say ‘bubble’. It’s obvious. So obvious. Just get a glass bubble. Actually best get a couple though, to cover breakages.

In true sure @ladybug’s right. There must be loads of such triggers for sensitive brains that we miss everyday, even the very tool we are using to communicate most probably is No 1. Industrial injuries turned techno. Helen