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Meds for dizziness


Hi all does anyone know of any good meds if my dizziness gets worse? Ive heard of antihistamines for vertigo? Im currently on 10mg of Ami as of Tuesday so very early days… today my right ear is so full and im very unsteady and dizzy intermittently… just wondering if theres anything that can help relieve this?



Benzos help
NSAIDs like aspirin and ibuprofen help
Again these are more like once a month usage and regular use causes addiction and rebound
CBD oil helps as well.
High dose magnesium helps as well.


@GetBetter Hi Vigs, thanks for your reply… so what benzos have worked for you?


Ativan 0.5 mg i take it probably once in 3 months. I keep it more for emotional backup.


I know what you mean, im over a week into a relapse and dont know how ill cope if it gets worse :roll_eyes: thank you for your advice ill see my GP about this. :thinking:


Well one classic one for vertigo is Meclizine. Never did much for me other than help me sleep, but then again I never had the spins. I’m a rocker.


@ander454 Hi Erik,

Thanks for your reply! I have had true rotary vertigo before, however more recently I feel im falling through the sofa, or bed or asif im being pushed, also dips when I walk… was just hoping for something to help me short term for the moment as its too early for the Ami to really do anything and im only on 10mg



Oh yes, I’ve had some of those sensations before. Still have some of that although it’s much milder nowadays. Yeah, Meclizine is more for severe rotational vertigo and nausea, but it won’t hurt to try it, very popular for travel sickness. My guess though is that a Benzo might do more for you like Vigs suggested, but unfortunately you can’t use them long term. Its very possible that you could get away with taking a Benzo for a couple weeks while you wait for Ami to kick in, but if it were me I wouldn’t risk getting dependent on Benzos.

Good luck with everything and do try to have a Merry Christmas!


Oh I see, well im willing to give Meclizine a go and maybe if im still struggling ill try a benzo, im very motion sick at the moment so they might well see me through.

Your advice has been much appreciated Erik
I too hope you have a very Merry Christmas!! :christmas_tree:


i got prescribed valium, 5 pills only, haven’t taken any yet, its more for emotional support as @GetBetter says. As @ander454, I am also a rocker. I think for me it is med and time, but it has taken me since May that I started effexor to get here.


I think I’m in the same space and nearly the same timeline. Meclizine works for me.


Thank you everyone and Merry Christmas!!:christmas_tree:
Last night I was able to lay in 3 different positions without vertigo or feeling sick!!! What a delightful feeling! Today I awake with massive facial pressure but it keeps morphing in and out… had a Cinnarizine so maybe ill be able to eat breakfast in a hour or so :yum: have a lovely day everyone xx


Merry Christmas!! Hope today is a lovely day for you :christmas_tree:


@Naejohn Merry Christmas to you too hun!:christmas_tree:
Today has probably been the besy day! I seem to come through during the afternoon and am much more stable! Got my new meds so :crossed_fingers:

Hope your having a happy healthy day :kissing_heart: