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Medication and dosage


Funny you should mention that … in today’s news:



Physios are good. Great even but perhaps not clairvoyant. Right in the middle of my 24/7 chronic MAV condition struggling as I was and with Christmas a week away walking a slippery grass I tripped over a bramble, fell face down. Voila, one fractured shoulder! First boneI’d ever broken. Couple of months later when I commenced physio the physiotherapist told me I would never get full use of my shoulder and left arm back. It just doesn’t happen. Wrong , so, No I wouldn’t believe it either. Just forget she ever said it.


This has come up before but I think several of us on here have found running more comfortable than walking! So agree, it’s rubbish.


Even in ketosis for the last 6 months, Effexor gave me 5 lbs back. It also raises my glucose and lowers my blood ketones (I check fasting levels daily). My metabolism was slow before, nonexistent now. And completely worth it.


My personal experience is that I already had insulin resistance, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides and lipids, and high glucose = Metabolic Syndrome = early death. Every bit of that normalized and has stayed that way for years.


Just so I’m clear, Emily, you put that down to the success of a Keto diet?


@flutters has always been my Keto wikipedia. I am not that good at any diet to be honest. I do low carbs and more protein as suggested by her as Keto is too hardcore for me. Low carbs helps migraines. I avoid processed sugar as much as possible(damn my sweet tooth !)


Are you on Effexor? Does it make you gain weight? I will come to you for Neto advice! What kinds of things do you eat on a normal day when you’re busy running around?


Definitively. I had blood work before I started the diet and quarterly after. MAV isn’t my only condition that requires regular monitoring. The primary treatment for the more aggressive forms of PCOS (as in I have the worst phenotype) is ketosis. Why? Because it normalizes hormones and reverses insulin resistance. I’m having real trouble believing a properly observed, therapeutic ketogenic diet is harmful if you are adequately hydrated and careful with nutrition and electrolytes. But, those are things you should always be mindful of however you eat. Babies thrive in ketosis on breast milk. It’s the body’s default metabolism.


I am on 37.5 mg of Effexor XR per day. Yes, I gained about 5 pounds, which is a bummer because I was steadily, if glacially slowly, losing weight before that. I have PCOS which actively causes weight gain. Just not gaining is considered success. I went into ketosis as a therapeutic measure to deal with PCOS related metabolic and endocrine issues and because the diet was created to control seizures. It’s good for migraine, too. At therapeutic levels, it has been shown to reverse certain cancers. But yeah, I wish I was thinner.

I eat mainly above ground vegetables, meat and fish, sources of fat, and limited seeds and nuts. I am very restrictive about grains, sugars (real and pretend) and alcohol. I eat limited fruit. I try to keep to about 50 g of net carbs/day. I’m allergic to both dairy and eggs, but a lot of people do really well on those.

My go to snacks would never make the migraine diet - tinned fish, uncured meats, pork rinds, cut up veggies, sometimes nuts. I drink a lot of water.


Are you feeling good on the Effexor? Thank you so much for all the great information about Keto…my brother is a doctor and suggested I try following a Keto diet for my migraines. You’ve made me excited to start! I’m sorry you also suffer pcos, that’s really hard to deal with on it’s own let alone with mav too! Nice chatting with you!


I do! Effexor has been a godsend. Maybe my health isn’t so great overall, but my life is wonderful.

Take care of yourself. :heart:


I do not do well on low carb or keto, but there are many people I have come across that have improved their health dramatically with it. Not just weight loss either, whole health is better like @flutters
For some people (me), yeah it might be bad. Starch is another interesting subject, the Amylase gene may determine how well people can make use of starch. I can eat as much starch as I want and I will not gain weight. My wife is the opposite. There are so many factors to play in diet, so when I see a news article that carbs=death or ketosis=death, I just think its gotta be too simplistic. They also used to say that saturated fat was bad, now they are back peddling on that too.


Thanks so much that’s amazing to hear :slight_smile:


Thanks so much Helen :slight_smile: that’s a wonderful story no one knows our limitations but us !:blush::grimacing:


Thanks and your welcome hopefully you find a balance :slight_smile: could I ask out of interest did lower doses of nort give any relief or was it only at a higher dose went to 50 and not feeling much although I know it hasn’t been long yet x


I felt better than before I started the drug but it wasn’t until I was on the 75 for about 5 to 6 weeks that I started to feel really good. How long have you been on nortriptyline, and how long have you been st 50?


Thanks Lisa that’s really helpful : ) I would say I am definatley better than before the drug . However I still feel spaced out visual disturbance and super off balance . Been on it 3 months now but took ages to go up in dose as I was scared . Now I’m at a point where I’d drink rat poisin if someone said it would help lol


I would definitely go to 75… I understand being afraid of the weight gain but you need to get yourself feeling good. And just so you know if you are not feeling 100% at 75 your doctor can add another drug. When my dizziness came back in March and I went back up to 75 I still wasn’t feeling completely symptom free so he added 120 of verapamil and that has helped. But back on the 75 the weight has gone back up. No side affects from the verapamil. So I might try going down on nortriptyline and up on verapamil and see how I do. That’s why I said you really have to be patient but positive with these drugs until you find the right meds and dosage.


Thanks so much Lisa I’m 100% at that point now , before I was scared of the weight this and that and now I just want my life back I can deal with the rest once I feel better . I def think you can find a combo that will aid with the weight gain not being very severe . I’m going up to 75 next week as I am now on dosulepin ( pretty much an older version of nort ) as this seemed to have an effect when I tried it back in jan so hoping a higher dose does the trick . I guess I get worried that I still have this spaced out dream like feeling and can’t handle busy places I assumed that would be the first symptoms to go but I was wrong honestly if that just eased off I could handle the rest :grimacing::pray:t3: