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Med combo question: Amitriptyline (or Nori) and


I’m wondering if I would get further relief by adding something else to my existing Amitriptyline dose.

What additional drug do you take and what symptom do you believe it controls for you?

I think my worst remaining symptom is the occasional bad pressure in my head so bad I can’t think and walk comfortably. Alternative is simply to up my dose?



PS No propanolol please, me and him don’t agree with one another :smiley:


Nortriptyline stopped nausea and wobbly walking, even at 10mg. Topiramate stopped EVERYTHING ELSE except ear fullness, tinnitus, feeling of something running out of my ear even though there isn’t anything, gastric issues, sporadic hyperacousis, very infrequent brain fog and easy exhaustion, but I have autoimmune diseases as well as VM so that is an expected symptom. I wasn’t expecting a miracle so am on the whole ok with all of that!:blush:


Maybe try a higher dose first. The nort got rid of my head pressure, I can’t really remember at what dose though. When I had my recent relapse the head pressure came back, but going back up to 30mg seems to have smoothed it out.


Last time I tried 30mg I was much more dizzy than at 20mg: did that wear off for you Scott? How long?


Whenever I went up I would get worse for a couple of weeks. Head pressure, dizzy, horrible fatigue for about two weeks. Have you tried 25?


Thanks. Not yet, strangely. I’m going to pill cut but am wary that I’m going to change the pill absorption because you break the outer coating.


The nort comes in 10s or 25s so maybe the ami does too. I’m never sure how accurate a dose I’m getting when I pull cut as it’s so fiddly. Some of it crumbles away and the pills are so tiny to start with!


Yes exactly!


Hi James! I thought Ami was my friend but it was doing strange things to my heart so I stopped. Since then I feel much more myself. I am now only on Topamax and while not cured, I like how I feel on that drug alone then how I felt on the Topamax plus Ami combo. I think you should give Topamax a try!


Interesting indeed, Lee, thanks for the info.

I’ve concluded that Amitriptyline whilst great is just papering over a crack of some kind.

I’m going to go back to running 5km every two days and I may try a diuretic that was prescribed a while back to see if I can reduce my pressure and frequency of vertigo.

I’m going to continue to keep away from alcohol and caffeine.

I’ve just done a big search of natural diuretics and i’m going to try to ensure a lot of these things are included in my diet.


gabapentin is ment to be a good med and not quite as harsh as the Topamax could you give that a whirl? or up the ami dose, im on 60mg of nort and I think I still need to go higher so in a few weeks,i love how I rattle when I walk :joy:


Lol, I wouldn’t even suggest that to you. I know I suggested it to someone else but I don’t even like it that much myself (except for anxiety/stress) and I take it! I didn’t realise it was male though :slight_smile:


Ive upped to 30mg today. And I took a water pill for the first time. And It’s afternoon and I feel surprisingly ok! Even after only 4 hours sleep!


Good luck with that. Let us know how you get on!