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MAV Meetings


I’d be interested, too. I’d say maybe start with one every other month and see how it goes.


Hi there! So I ended up creating an account on a site called If you create a free account on there, I’ll send you my join URL. I have meeting sessions every Sunday at 7PM EST. You do not have to attend every time so don’t feel pressured! Just making it frequent so everyone has a chance at some point to chat. I have a small Facebook group for it so PM me if you’re interested in joining that as well, again you don’t have too. Sorry for the late response!! This is the join URL for the date, just click it and you’ll be live and ready to go :slight_smile:


@Manatee @gidlabu I added some info for you both above! Let me know if you have any problems or further questions :slight_smile:



Sounds great but this is midnight UK time. i might still be up to tune in. is it every week?


If you have Facebook I can add you in my little group and we can figure out a time to work you in :slight_smile: if not, I’ll just PM you on here. Yes it’s every week, you don’t have to be there every week but there is no meeting tomorrow (Sunday) as I am very busy this weekend! There will be one for sure on the 15th!