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MAV doctors in the Austin, Texas area?


Does anybody have recommendations for a good neurologist or doctor who would treat MAV in the Austin, Texas area? Thanks in advance!!


User Liv85 is from Texas if I recall correctly. Check her posts


I am also looking for a good MAV doctor in Austin…let me know if you’ve found one. I was turned away by neurologist Dr. Robert Cain. Not sure if @liv85 is in the area but would like to hear her thoughts.


Hey guys! I moved to Austin a little over a year ago from the Dallas area and haven’t found a MAV doctor here. But I LOVE my doctor from Dallas and will keep seeing him as he is the head of vestibular disorder clinic at UT Southwestern and is young with a sense of humor :wink: Highly recommend. Dr Shin Beh. I know it’s a drive but they also have the MyChart where you can send emails in between appointments. And he will refer you to other specialists as needed. I love how he is with a university as I feel they are always up with the latest research!


Hi Lee, appreciate the info! I have a sister in Dallas so this gives me more reasons to visit.


Oh that’s great! Yes he’s a great doctor. You will like him. I only wish he were located in Austin.