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MAV and THEN classic migraine develops?


They are. What do you think gave birth to CGRP/Aimovig. Amgen has been doing pretty well with the sales of the drug in the US. Whether it works for MAV/VM waits to be seen from the early adopters.


I’ve a feeling there’s alot of drugs companies profiting from the migraine headache remedies and in no wish for a cure! Though I’m with you all the way but I think until somebody finds some root causes specific migraine treatments will prove difficult to find. After all it’s only a collection of symptoms when it comes down to it. Surely that could make it difficult.


Aimovig’s certainly a start, Pity, after all the effort and expense, it doesn’t get better reviews. Dr Hain didn’t seem to think much of it. So expensive too it appears. And, not trialled on MAVers either. Still it’s a start. There’s a thread or two on here relating to it I recall. @Jessyka_Nettleton’s probably the most recent. Helen