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MAV and sinus symptoms?


Ok that’s all very well but again doesn’t explain the process of onset.

All these observations of co-morbidities that exist with migraine are all very well but it seems like there is always this assumption the migraine was first by members of this faction.

For people who have lived decades without a clear migraine problem (and I mean a migraine problem, not a dizziness issue or a sinus issue!) I find it extremely difficult to believe their MAV was started by ‘migraine’.

I look forward to new information that doesn’t follow the tired mantra.


Here’s a study supporting @GetBetter’s reference:

I guess I have further questions though:

  • why don’t all MAVers have sinus problems? (probably should set up a poll to explore the split on here)
  • what distinguishes a MAVer with sinus issues and those that don’t? why?
  • is the dizziness/impact on ears a result of the sinus issues or a direct effect of migraine?