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MAV after Pregnancy


I have read things here and there on this site, but I thought I would ask the question in one place. How many of you ladies had all of this wonderful MAV stuff start after you gave birth? And did it resolve for any of you after your hormones settled? Mine came on about 2-3 months after I had my daughter and she is 9 months now and I’m still dealing with it.




Yes me - I had two babies in very quick succession (they are 11 months apart!) when my youngest my son, was around 5 months old this started I had just stopped feeding to, I also went on birth control. I’m convinced hormones play a huge part. When I asked my dr this he confirmed my theory but said unfortunately there is no going back once you’ve stepped over the bridge - I have since stopped bc as I didn’t want ANY artifical hormones in my body. My son is now 19 months.

Anna x


What do you mean by no going back Anna? i dont breastfeed and havent with all of my children I did research this and apparently your hormones go completely back to normal after 12 months after pregnancy.
I personally think its a lot quicker if you dont breastfeed about 6 weeks but I did get my first migraine with aura after my second son so hormones do something x


This all started for me days after giving birth to my 3rd child. That was 2 1/2 years ago and I am still dealing with the ups and downs of this beast! Good luck!!


Mine got worse when I stopped breastfeeding and went on the pill, but it could also be that the pill made me have my first period and my symptoms get worse around my period. I havent stopped the pill yet because I like at least being able to plan around when I’m going to feel crappy, so I can’t say for sure if I would feel the same with a period off the pill.



i have had mav since i was young but wow did i have it hit the worst after having my children.

after my son (c-section) i was super dizzy with true vertigo for 2 days that i couldn’t even get out of bed to go see him in the nicu :frowning: it slowly got better within the week and i was back to normal.

after my daughter 2 years ago, i had another c-section surgery was a little dizzy but fine and then 2 days later when i thought i was getting ready to go home woke up with the true spinning vertigo (ABSOLUTE HELL) and that took about a month ? to turn into my new normal which is 24/7 rockiness.

i have been diagnosed with mav and spontaneous mdds. i used to blame it on the pain meds or even the epidural but i do think this is also hormonal. i took birth control for 2 years because i too got way dizzier 2 days before my period (estrogen crashes) so i took the pills so i just didn’t get a period. now meeting with a new naturopath doctor, i too have decided to get off synthetic hormones. it’s been 1 month and we will see how it goes.