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Massive relapse after 5yrs helppppp!


I was 32 when I first got this im very surprised how early on some people get this so its not like age is a factor when it comes to having MAV anyone can get this!


Yes indeed. And noone is taught about it.


Out of interest do you have any theory on how it originally started? Did you have any head or ear trauma? Any odd injuries?


no injurys whatsoever,my relationship broke down 18 months before and that sent me into turmoil I just got myself right then bam im hit with MAV grrrrrrr


It’s such a weird condition. How can it just start out of nothing??


no idea! I think my trigger is definatly stress grrrrr yet this stresses me the most,just been to the supermarket for the first time since my relapse started wow it was awful thought my legs were going to go from beneath me now I have a huge headache,so fed up now just wish I new how long my relapse would last!


Did you suffer migraines before? X


no ive never had migraines until I got diagnosed with MAV 5yrs ago :disappointed_relieved: x


I had one. Migraine sensitivity might have a bearing but my bet is it’s an ear issue at heart …


its defo something to do with ears but ive so not figured it all out all I know is its a bastard to get rid of :grinning:


Where did you get diagnosed? Did you have headaches before all your mav started 5 years ago? My Dr said he feels I got this because had 18 aura migraines in 5 months and my brain didn’t get a chance to recover so became irritated and caused this. Stress is definitely a big trigger for most people. Do you still stick to the diet? Are your symptoms exactly the same as 5 years ago?

I think you recovered for 5 years, you can definitely get back to recovery again. Don’t let the anxiety take over. A Facebook page called anxiety no more really helped me at my worst points x


Exactly. Youve recovered before. Then partied in Ibiza. Ibiza awaits once more!!


hi pepper12345 I got diagnosed at the hospital where I live in Nottingham by my ENT, I used to have the odd occasional headache but nothing to stop my day being ruined,stress is defo my biggest trigger and as for the diet the only thing I don’t have is caffeine and ive not had that in 5yrs I eat what I want because I think me being to careful would stress me out more! my symptoms are exactly the same as 5yrs ago proberbly not quite as intense but still bad, I stopped taking my meds 2yrs ago and now im back on them! how long have you had this?


I hope your right tunitaround as I was pricing it up before this came along to ruin my fun :confounded::cry:


You may just need to be patient. I’m trying my best to be that too.


its hard though isn’t it I hate putting my life on hold, ive booked a holiday in june for two weeks with my son and im really hoping im better before then! how you feeling today?


Slightly better thank you but still in ‘relapse’. Had slight vertigo this morning in bed. I’m sure I’ll recover and be even better than before as that has happened plenty of times now. :slight_smile:


sorry to hear your still not right its so frustrating I hate waking up wondering do I feel like shit today and its been yes for the last 3 weeks grrr!


Hang in there! Watch a nice film or something? (Meds make watching film ok?)


ive struggled with the tv for a couple of nights now :disappointed_relieved: but I keep trying! are you working at the mo?