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Losing my mind


@nuri_dahara Yes, the rotational chair test was awful. I like your comparison to the CIA form of punishment. LOL. Definitely. I was glad nothing was abnormal with my testing, it’s a relief but at the same time doesn’t help figure much out.

Today marks 6 years of me dealing with this awful beast. I had to stop working twice. The first time I got just about better, maybe 80%, and was still able to drive and go on vacations, hiking, etc. So I started working part-time (a non-computer job) and was fine. I wasn’t looking for a full time job but a similar position without computer work practically fell into my lap so I tried it. It was fine for awhile until the funding ran out (it was a research project) and then they switched my job roles and I was on the computer for most of the day. The symptoms gradually came back, but I was headed to graduate school in a few months so I was trying to hang on until then so I could then work part-time at the same place during school. But, I had my first true spinning vertigo attack (4 hrs long) about 3 weeks before school was supposed to start and had to stop working earlier than the notice I gave. That was August 2015, and I haven’t been able to work since. This time, after stopping work I’ve gotten worse and worse instead of better. I really thought I caught it in time to get better if I stopped work. I wasn’t nearly as bad as the first time I eventually stopped work. I think that one little vertigo attack changed everything.