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Loneliness and Isolation? Any advice?


Great article! Thank you :heartpulse:


@AlexandraB No problem!


It’s really sad to think there are, worldwide, millions like her, all suffering mote or less silently. It really is about time more research resources were put into finding the cause/causes to eliminate it. Makes me savage. Also makes me really glad mine, which affected me as a teenager went away virtually completely for many, years and hasn’t messed up my life as totally as it does lots of other people, Granny always said there’s always somebody out there in a worse state than you are. She was right, Granny. Thanks Jess for posting that.


Just read this post James…how true this is. What i would give to break this cycle
Jo x


@Onandon03 Sorry I just saw this, but YES, more research on this condition is definitely what we need. For a lot of us it hits us in the most prime, productive years of our lives and instead we lose careers, friends, and our ability to live our life. Not to mention all while feeling alone and isolated. You’re welcome, I figured it would be a beneficial read for many.