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Less stable seated?


Hi Helen! Happy so far with Ami but hoping for more… it’s only been 9 days on the dosage Dr Goebel wants me at so I am hoping for more improvements obviously.
As far as my restless legs… I cannot sit still and always sit indian style when I can. Have done that for years. The restless legs really get me when I am trying to fall asleep.


I’ve always found distraction really helpful. So long as you are not suffering debilitating neurological symptoms at the time (like a spell of brain fog) doing something involving is really great to help you escape from your predicament (if only temporarily.). At least it can give you some mental respite.


Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to 2019 health improvements!!

I am not sure which drug this was - maybe it was Amy? I wish Pizotifen helped with restless legs as I think I have this too. I find that I have an odd feeling in my legs in the evenings and just have to keep moving them - very annoying.

I had similar problems when this kicked off - still do occasionally - my head felt too heavy /uncomfortable for my neck, so in the end i got a neck pillow from Amazon with 3 prongs - J-pillow - which I found supported my head at home and when I was a passenger in the car.

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Sorry James @turnitaround - I didn’t know about the neck pillows available via this site then - maybe this one could be added to the list? I would definitely recommend it.

Yes - I get that too. My husband thinks he is on the racetrack and tries to get around corners at top speed. It’s alright for him he has the steering wheel to hang on to!
Jan x


Now that’s a funky one!! Thanks Jan! (added)


I tried couple neck pillows ages back. Unfortunately they were sheepskin lined and far too hot for comfort. Obviously we all have to be as comfortable as possible and have to travel by car/sit upright etc and aids have their place. I cannot imagine how I’d have survived without wraparound dark overglasses but I think one has to be careful masking some symptoms because of the risk of pushing the vestibular system too far. They do say ‘Death is Nature’s Way of telling us to slow up’. Discomfort sitting upright is our balance system’s way of indicating it’s struggling. Helen