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Last post .. I'm better with feverfew b2 and magnesium


Hi guys! Just thought I’d give you hope with a recovery story. 400mg coq10, 400b2 and 800mg magnesium glycinate is my magic combo. Feverfew also helps but I’m off It at the moment since I don’t seem to need it! This is the best website i ever found
It saved me!!! It got rid of my chronic migraine state-- Google dr Weil migraine and it comes up. His recommends irons are at the bottom of that page.
Sorry I’m typing this on my iPhone
Love and prayers xx

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Olivia are you free of all other symptoms aside from conquering the migraine (that’s fantastic alone you’ve done it without meds)?


Yes! It’s a miracle. No more head fullness dizziness / swaying or eye and ear pressure - but if I eat too much tyramine that dilates the cranial blood vessels I get a bit more dizzy and some times on the verge of a headache. 400mg b2 , 800 (400 2x a day magnesium glycinate) and 400 mg coq10 (Kaneka brand of it) feverfew is also useful. Coq10 is expensive but trader joes brand is less expensive - I might do ok just on b 2 and magnesium. Time will tell! Good luck xx


Absolutely excellent news! And very interesting too!


Thank you!!!


Great news! Gives me hope too. The head pressure is now my biggest symptom as the night spins are dying down.


Hi Liv, I have just joined this forum but have had MAV for 18 months now - I am very much impressed by your knowledge of the vitamin supplements aand the condition itself and am wondering if you can give me some advice offline…my email address is many thanks, either way


Sorry, I should have said, I am currently on Pregabalin and propranolol, but am coming off of both now, but want to take supplements to stave off any attacks. I am also on Dr Surenenitheran’s diet, which I am finding a bit tough


Hey Rupes, I highly recommend googling Dr Weil’s migraine website ( ) -that’s the best advice I can give. I too tried something similar to preglabin (gabapentin) and gaba helped (I still think about it’s relaxing effects…but I also wasn’t myself on it at all). But the meds all came with side effects that I don’t get from supplements and dietary changes, which help the most of all. The best advice I can give is to limit yourself to 1 cup of caffeine beverages a day, completely eliminate alcohol and smoking if you do it, and limit tyramine rich foods - mainly fermented and aged foods, including overripe fruits. I can have one yogurt a day and be OK and a few pieces of fruit that aren’t super tyramine loaded like berries or citrus. Apples are fine and sometimes bananas too. I like nuts but they may make my symptoms worse. Try to keep a food journal; I’ve not been great about it. Overall I eat almost anything I want in moderation. Cutting out alcohol helps the most. The things I’m taking right now are magnesium glycinate (KAL brand) 400mg 2x a day and 2 feverfew pills each day (GNC brand). if I get pregnant I guess I have to go off the feverfew and just be more careful about eating too many tyramine foods. I’m just hoping I’m one of those people who finds pregnancy helps migraines. I’m just praying that’s the case. I haven’t had a migraine since I have been taking the magnesium at this high enough dose consistently again…feverfew is nicely sedating too and helps me sleep. Dr Weil mentions CoQ10 as well and B2. I don’t find I need more than the magnesium at the most basic level though as long as it’s high enough to keep the blood vessels in whatever state that I feel OK. I eat dairy too to keep things balanced calcium magnesium wise… Not sure if eggs are a migraine trigger for me but here’s a diet website. See what works for you. I feel better not eating gluten btw:
Good luck and the meds can be helpful for a time but I found that supplements worked WAY better. Doctors don’t know everything…maybe Dr Weil does though:) Liv xx


Liv has your sensitivity to loud noise improved? (Believe you raised this on an earlier post?) This thing has given me hyperacusis …


Hi there,
Yes it has - most symptoms are much improved so much so that I feel functional but get my bouts of depression too when it comes back a bit if I don’t remember to take my supplements or go overboard on the tyramine.

I am taking feverfew and magnesium glycinate right now but I might jump back on the CoQ10 train soon and also take some B2 at some point but i’m wary of both B2 and Feverfew if I want to have kids at some point - I hope mag glycinate and CoQ10 are OK

I would highly recommend giving any or all of these supplements a shot, maybe adding one in at a time to see what helps, and it should massive help. Do try to also follow a low tyramine diet to reduce nerve oversensitivity and avoid MSG in all its forms.

I take: 400mg KAL magnesium glycinate 2x a day
GNC standardized extract of feverfew 2x a day

I also have taken with great help
400mg of B2 (might have caused some GI trouble for me though) 1x a day
300-400mg of CoQ10 (kaneka formulation of it) 1x a day

Best wishes!


Hi Liv,

Great to hear you are fixing this issue with vitamins and not medications i am very happy for you! :slight_smile: so nice to know it is possible without prescriptions!
Can i ask how long you we’re on these supplements for before noticing a noticeable amount of improvement?
Do you still have triggers such as food, weather, hormonal? :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your time, i hope to hear from you soon! :slight_smile:

Charlotte :slight_smile: