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Kind of new, more of a return


Hello all, hammet here, I was a lurker and sometimes poster on the forums here about a year ago. Got diagnosed with vestibular migraine pppd and a unilateral deficiency from a concussion playing soccer. Was doing quite well the past 6 months or so after having a heck of a year with this. Well I tried to go back to my 8 hour a day computer job last week, and boy was that a mistake. Feels like between that and the weather changing here in the states I’ve had my first large set back where a lot of the usual symptoms , hypersensitivities to light sound smell and motion as well as the usual off balance feeling and constant nausea )have come back full force. So thanks for having me back and here’s to better days ahead hopefully for everyone here


Dude that was brave. It’s taken me 3 and a half years to get mentally fit again. Hang in there and don’t lose hope. It just takes very much longer. I don’t think many people experience that kind of drawn out recovery timeline. I know an amateur boxer that also got MAV who recovered after a similar timeline

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I know I’ll get back to where i was, I’m just kicking myself for trying the old job one last time now with how I feel. Theres small positive points in the day, and in not as worse as last year, just gotta keep my mind on that. And try to control the anxiety of a set back


Yeah, I know exactly what that feels like. Damn all the scrolling… I’m part time with work now at the computer and seem to be okay, but still wonder sometimes if I should just change careers… I guess grass is always greener on the other side though. Hope you feel better soon!

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A large part of my job is on the computer as well, so many triggers on that screen! A coworker was showing me something on her screen last week and she started scrolling as I was looking… wow… messed with me even more when someone else has control of the scroll!


Yea I had to stop it after a week. It was a federal job so I’ll go through a medical retirement process there, but will take several years and a lot of litigation to get due to my young age (29) right now I work part time in a car shop. Kind of sucks having to start all over again, but we cant give up.


Are you still on Amitriptyline Chris? I’ve just started 12 weeks ago on 50mg. It’s helped tremendously.


I was on ami for a while, but I stopped it maybe a month before things improved the most about 6 months ago (the beginning of the omg I have my life back period) I probably should have stayed on it longer, I’ll entertain going back on it, but I’m trying not too

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