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Just symptoms, no diagnosis yet


Hello, everyone. I’ve found your forum from the Meniere’s forum - been reading both to give me some sort of direction for where to go for diagnosis/treatment.

Here are some symptoms:

  • perpetual headache
  • ear pain in right side
  • ear fullness/pressure in right side
  • head fullness/pressure all over
  • dull hearing; feels like possible loss, with some fluctuation
  • difficulty concentrating and grasping info
  • difficulty focusing on print when reading, both with books and (even more) with computer
  • very short, mild and sudden episodes of dizziness/room slanting or spinning (sort of)
  • buzzing’ in my head occasionally
  • sensitive scalp
  • perpetual feeling of impending dizziness - have to turn carefully so as not to bring actual dizziness
  • occasional sinus pain with no subsequent sinus illness
  • unrestful sleep
  • stiff and painful neck and upper back
  • tiredness
  • ‘bugged out’ feeling in eyes and head when at computer screen
  • sensitivity to light
  • joint pain

And probably a few things I missed :wink:. Oh, yes! Here’s one - if I look down at steps when going up them, I feel unsteady and like I’m going to miss the step.

Anyway, I’m looking to get an appointment at the Balance Center in Fort Wayne (Boismier’s).


Try a neurologist or better a neuro-otologist. Read our wikis. You sound like one of us. Half of people presenting with balance issues have some sort of migraine variant. The others have a variety of issues, many related to the ears. A neurologist can point you in the right direction, particularly one who’s dealt with migraine variant balance disorder. Also, check out the vestibular migraine page on VEDA’s website.

Helen (@Onandon03), can you throw up that PDF link from the other day? Thanks.



Welcome. Sounds like a MAV condition alright. Get diagnosed by a professional specialist as @flutters advises. It seems this is your plan.

Good luck and keep us posted on your visit.

btw I edited your post to fix the bullet points. You can enter a bullet point with a ‘hyphen space’ at the beginning of a line.


Hi and welcome

This is the document to which @flutters is referring. Helen


Thanks to all. I downloaded the file and will read it later.

Let me test out making bullet points (:wink:):

  • Today
  • is
  • Monday


It worked! (Bullet points)


I have a consultation scheduled with a doctor from the ENT’s office for November 7. This will determine if they think I should be referred to Tom Boismier’s Balance Center.


My ENT was the first one to point me to the neurologist.