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Just got a diagnosis of my unexplained dizziness


Are you willing to share your diagnosis at all. Helen

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My vertigo attack started on july
Lasted three weeks and than i was totally fine
I was diagnosed with vestibular migraine
Than on sept i woke up with neck spasm and vertigo and dizziness … i am in my 4th months, i am comstantly dizzy and feel head fog and rocking like a boat
I have been to physical therapy and had alist of diagnoses until i have done full balance test
Then it concluded i have bppv and possible migraine vertigo and possible seroxat withdrawal since i stopped it without tappering
I am seeing a very good nero she totaly understand me and want it give me a month a wait and see process
She said things are complecated in my situation and a final dingonsis wont be possible until a month where she will determine if my dizziness due to withdrawal or inner ears and migraine vertigo
Luckily seroxat is also used for treating migraines


So happy that you have found somebody you can believe in and is prepared to help you. Thst should relieve your anxiety more than anything. At least you now know you’ll have a firmer idea of diagnosis in a month’s time. Something positive for you at last. I trust you didn’t have to travel halfways around the world to find her although I suppose if you did it would now seem a worthwhile trip. Good luck with the medications. Helen


Thank god , she is in my country and the top neuro
The problem is that she is fully booked and have a full schedule so i had to speak to another doctor to speak to her
A very long long story
But i am hopeful that i will heal soon .i used to be depressed over this but since i took seroxat i feel very calm and more like accepting my situation without the horrible panic


Hi there. R u in the UK and if so are you allowed to mentioned their name and location?My Doctor referred me to one on the NHS who returned my appointment without even seeing me saying he didn’t do botox. Charming!


Haya is in Bahrain I believe. There are specialists in UK. On NHS GP has to be prepared to write referral, not so if private. If GP refuses, check legality with solicitor. If you have unexplained symptoms ongoing dont see how they can refuse. Write to your MP then. Helen


I have seen two neurologists several years ago, one privately and one NHS. I saw same one on the NHS privately as well, and goodness you can tell the difference! I was eventually diagnosed by specialist ENT last year so they think that will do! R