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It turns out... I have Lyme Disease!


Maybe Lyme Disease is causing my migraines and balance issues. If this sound familiar to you, wikipedia Lyme Disease and go to and take the quiz. There’s a ton of information that is not well known! Lyme Disease is a controversial subject. I highly recommend seeing a specialist who can diagnose by symptoms and not by (usually inaccurate) blood tests. I highly recommend Dr. Crist. He’s even been featured on health expert, Dr. Mercola’s website. He’s pricey but worth it. He’s in Ashland, Missouri which is close to Columbia. He told me he’s seen thousands of patients just like me and if I follow his protocol, I have a 97% chance of a full recovery! Please read my first blog ever written. It may sound familiar to you.


Thank you for sharing your story. I’m so sorry for all that you have been through and what you continue to go through. I shed many tears for you reading your story, mostly because I live so much of what you have experienced and I know first hand how hard it is to live this life. BUT you are far to young to continue in this suffering, so I pray to God to heal you completely and to bring you peace. You’ve given me the final push to get tested for Lyme. My sister has been pushing me to get tested because I’m not getting better and nothing is helping me either. Nothing makes sense!!! Your symptoms are so similar to mine…so crazy!!! I will make an appointment this week and get tested. Thank you Leslie. Please keep us posted!!! Blessings <3