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Is facial numbness a side effect of Amitriptyline?


I liked the Topiramate in some ways, at first I was more alert (compared with Propranolol) and it decreased my appetite which was a good thing, but it hurt my ears, and I just kept on taking it and making them worse. I have already written about that in the original post.

I am 44. I first had the dizziness/vertigo about 6 years ago and it could last for 1 or 2 weeks at a time. But it didn’t happen that often. Then it changed and they became shorter but more frequent. This last one has lasted almost a week so it isn’t like they have been recently.



Facial numbness can be a symptom of migraine.


iam 37 and im not sure if mines hormones or not it doesn’t seem to change when my period is due or even when im on my period so im assuming mines not hormone related, yours could be though! its so debilitating isn’t it,i hate it! yes nygal is right facial numbness is a symptom of migraine (sorry I forgot) I had every symptom there was to have but my worst is my vision


I had noticed a headache pattern at a certain time of the month. But the dizziness can be independent of any headache.

I have noticed these can sometimes cause it:
Stress, tiredness, too much sleep, being ill with something else. Also it can sometimes follow a headache. But I don’t always know why it happens.


sounds like MAV to me sarah its a case of balancing your stress out,good or bad stress,maybe try the migraine diet to see if that helps and cut out all caffeine too! x


No caffeine :cold_sweat:

That would be slow and painful process (involving lots of killer withdrawal headaches and Cocodamol), like a car runs on petrol, I run on coffee!!

I am going to speak to my GP this afternoon, and tell him about the numbness and ear ringing and if he says these are not serious then I will gradually up the Amitriptyline slowly and see what happens. This is the first med of the last 4 I have tried that hasn’t brought my glands up so that is something resembling progress.

Thanks for listening to me all morning


I moan everyday sarah this thing is enough to make you :slight_smile: are you in the uk? yes caffeine is a big NO NO im afraid! x


Hi Nygal. I have actually read that
. But isn’t it a bit strange that I haven’t ever had it before and it has coincided with starting Amitriptyline?


Haha. I hear you, I LOVE coffee :smiley:


Yes I am in the UK, it is afternoon now lol. I don’t know where the morning went!

I bought some de-caffeinated coffee once. It sat on my work top for ages and then I think it ended up in the bin. i probably used it about 3 times.


im in the uk too im in Nottingham! ive not had caffeine in 5years and I don’t miss it one bit, I have redbush tea (you get used to it :grin:)


I understand the gland swelling problem because when I upped nortriptyline to 20mg not only did I have the horrendous pulsatile tinnitus but also severe stomach cramps and swollen glands which were very painful. You maybe just need a tiny dose to help you. I still become very unwell when I make repetitive movements but I am better in other ways on 10mg nortriptyline, I don’t feel sick 24/7 for a start. I would so love to be able to kiss the beast goodbye but I am grateful for small improvements!


Do you still drink it? Even the thought of giving it up is making me want one lol. I even take my own to work because I don’t like theirs. Nescafe Gold Blend.


What is Redbush tea? Is it a flavoured one or just the name of a brand? Did you used to drink a lot of coffee before?


I used to drink one or two coffees a day which isn’t a lot but enough I used to have 3 or 4 teas though so it was quite abit of caffeine a day! I must admit the only thing I did quit was caffeine I never did the diet as such and I almost certainly never stopped the alcohol :joy: but this time ive been good and quit it all I feel like the worlds most boringest person haha! redbush is the name of the tea its quite an acquired taste but you get used to it! x


That is interesting that something you were already tolerating caused that reaction at a higher dose. Did your glands stay swollen until you went back down to 10mg?


Yes Sarah, they stayed up for 3 days and the stomach cramps lasted 24 hours, I guess until my system sorted out the extra it didn’t like. I didn’t take any nortriptyline for 24 hours as I realised that was the cause.


I hardly ever drink alcohol, but I do like chocolate and coffee. I am not at all sure about this Redbush tea idea. The words ‘acquired taste’ are making alarm bells ring lol.


I never have alcohol and only drink rooibos tea which is naturally caffeine free and very nice! I never have chocolate either which is not a nice way to live but I hate hate hate feeling unwell!!!


I see. And when you went back down to 10mg how long till your glands and ears were ok again? This is really interesting to me because it is making me wonder if everything I have tried that has done this has just been at too high a dose. Sorry if you have already answered this. Did you not restart the Nortriptyline until you were ok again?