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Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS)?


Hi All,

I recently bumped up my magnesium glycinate to sleep better on Effexor. I realized my stomach was acting weird and had GI side effects. To reel this in i cut back on the magnesium and still seeing the same GI side effects. And then it dawned on me that it could be IBS. Does anyone here get IBS along with the MAV. Any ideas on how to calm IBS ?


For me, they are hand in hand and always have been. It’s usually the second sign I get that MAV is about to ruin my day (my hands go numb first). I don’t know how to calm it, though eating simple foods and taking my meds with food helps. I do know the location of every bathroom within a 10 mile radius of home and all my clients.


Thanks Emily, simple foods, ok will try that. How about a probiotic does that help ?

BTW what is your first sign ? migraine ?


I was told that I had IBS way back in my 20s. The doctor said to consume more fiber and suggested taking a dose of Metamucil every day. It’s a powder that you can mix with water or juice. I started doing that and it did help a lot.


Right hand goes numb. Pressure behind my eyes. Then an emergency run to the bathroom (or 4), hypersensitivity to everything, then the dizzy rolls in hard. If nausea is on its tail, pain will follow.


Tried that. Made it worse for me. We are all so different. Also diagnosed with IBS, in my 20s, concurrently with beginning of both MAV issues and PCOS diagnosis.


Thanks Anna. Metamucil i have handy. Let me try that, it does have fiber. Will start small and see how it goes !( No pun !)


The GERD/Migraine Connection


You beat me to it. I was going to write it up. That’s me. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve had any IBS symptoms since my MAV went chronic. And I think the GERD is MAV linked because I always got symptoms when I had an acute attack but always blamed it on the anti-sickness drug the GP prescribed. Trouble is since the MAV went chronic the meds have changed but the GERD hasn’t.


I believe strongly in the brain-gut connection. Serotonin is made in the gut, for one thing. If there are problems with brain chemicals, neurotransmitters, or electrical signals that affect how the brain functions, it’s likely the gut will be impacted, and vice versa. That said, I’ve had gut issues since early adulthood, and quasi-MAV symptoms for decades, until an acute vertigo/nystagmus incident ran me over two years ago.

Calm IBS? I have IBS-D or BAD (not sure). I’m taking Welchol, bile sequestrant, as it’s believed my issues stem from bile malabsorption. (Even before removal of gallbladder.) I also use Immodium, and even Pepto at times. You can do only so much in modifying diet, exercise, relaxation, counseling, psychotropic drugs, etc. My guts are loud and proud! But I have a chronic history.

A naturopath advised that psyllium powder is our best friend: helps move things along when there isn’t enough moisture, and absorbs moisture when there’s too much. (constipation vs. diarrhea)

Certain forms of magnesium can produce symptoms similar to IBS. When I was super low carb, I took magnesium citrate in tablet form to prevent constipation. I’ve heard many people with bowel issues say they can’t tolerate magnesium supplements. Some, even without bowel issues, are more sensitive to magnesium. I get magnesium in a daily multiple vitamin and in my calcium supplement, so I have to watch it.