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Internal vibrations


Does anyone else get internal vibrations with mav? Weird buzzing, quivering in chest, legs, head etc? It’s really freaky. One fellow mav sufferer told me it’s weird nerve activity caused by the overactive nervous system during migraine.


Hi, I still get “electrical” zaps (sounds) inside my head sometimes and every single morning, my neck muscles at the base of my skull quiver and make my head sake back and forth. Now, after living with it for a while… I just let it “cycle” through every morning. It was scary at first but now just one more thing my body needs to do for some reason.


Thanks for the reply!


Yes, although I had it a lot more when I was sleep deprived and suffering from terrible migraines + anxiety. It feels like my head is vibrating. I get it at my left hip too.


Yes!! When I am having a true basilar migraine, I have what I can only describe as chills run down my body and through my legs. I also get tingling that runs up one side of my head.

Not during a migraine per se, but during a period of relapse, I will also sometimes feel like I’m “zinging electrically” inside- like maybe my heart is racing, but I feel my pulse and it is not racing. I’ve also woken up from sleep with a feeling that my whole body is shivering or vibrating. It lasts a few seconds until I come full awake.


Yes. I do. That’s exactly how I would describe it too - a weird buzzing feeling in my chest, torso and thighs. It comes and goes. It can wake me up. I don’t like it but after 15 years I’m used to it.


Yup I get these all the time too, always makes me worry i have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or somethin’.


All the symptoms stem from the hypersensitive sensory state. As the migraine specialist neuro said to me when I walked into her office on a dull, wet February day wearing a wide brimmed hat and two pairs of dark glasses. ‘ah, it’s all gone a bit “hyper”’. She was a Master of Understatement! Helen


Thank you so much for that leaflet, there is alot on there that is reassuring. It also says diet has very little effect on migraine. In fact, many things on that leaflet contradict what most people on forums have said to me, and it actually makes me feel alot better @Onandon03