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I'm a newbie here. Are these MAV symptoms? And my brief story


Keep it up Erik!!! Its a tough drug to crack and you are doing great…


Amazing to hear this Erik ! :slight_smile:


I’m up to 50mg of Topirimate! As far as I can tell only good things have come about: reduced head pressure, reduced dizziness and better sleep. In addition, my muscle stiffness/pain is sooo much less and exercise is much more enjoyable, probably will stop PT sometime soon. I have a bit of a sweet taste in my mouth and there is some tingling now and then in my face and mouth, but its so mild I really don’t care.

I’ll stay at 50mg topirimate until my next Neuro appointment next month. Wondering if I can dial back the 360mg Verapamil to see if I feel less dopey and depressed. I swear my pulse is forever stuck at 50bpm, lol…


Well done on the Topo ! Good luck Erik.


Oh, you and me both, Erik. I keep tapping the BP monitor in hope! Although mine does move when I exercise. Eventually. Helen


Once mine was 47 and I’m not even on Pitz. I am on atenolol, though, so similar and I run about 50. Forgot to take it one day this week. My heart decided to beat on random and then just run in a panic for hours with a headache. I miss the days before MAV when I was attentive enough to remember to take my meds.


It’s the betablockers (my Propranol, yr atenolol) and (Erik’s Verapamil) calcium channel blockers get to lower the pulse rate. Supposed to lower BP Too but I’d so lucky. Doesn’t do a thing for me. Perhaps the drugs need to read the Patient Info Sheet. Helen


Atenolol is my bp med. It does lower my bp. Been on it since college. High bp runs in my family.


Amazing to read this Eric ! :slight_smile: