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I’ve seen several neurologists and they’ve all said MAV


I am a mother of an 11 year old boy who got VM when he was 9. He is now 11 and I have just joined this website ( for reassurance and empathy because my heart goes out to him when he is not well and he is such a soldier and never moans). It is amazing the things you gravitate towords naturally because with the head pressure I bought him a mirgraine pack that you keep in fridge and he puts it on whenever he is suffering. But the other thing I did, and I genuinely believe the reason he has been symptom free more or less from January -may ( it has started up again), is because I have controlled and structured his sleep. Mon- Sunday he is in bed at 8.30-9pm and he gets up at more or less the same time. I noticed when he was going to sleep overs the child used to take a week to 2 weeks to get over them and have the dizziness etc and everything else that comes with it. so I cut all of them out, which his agreement, and he was amazing until the middle of his exams. His school put on 3 tests in one day… there is a surprise the dizziness came back! But well done you and hope you contain the VM going forward…


Hi Amy, I’m thinking to try nort next. Do you get water retention on this? Ta


I do t think it was he nort but prop that gave me water retention was ok with just nort :grimacing:


Love this doc. Thanks for putting this together and sharing. I am in Cali so more useful for me :pray: