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I may be starting Aimovig


I saw my neuro today and she is submitting me as a candidate for Aimovig treatment. If I’m approved, I’ll be able to take the med free of charge for a certain period. I have no drug plan or insurance coverage but apparently the maker is offering this while negotiations occur around the coverage conditions.

I like that there is a low side effect profile and that I’ll continue my current med (venlafaxine 75mg/day) while taking Aimovig.

The anecdotal reviews are wildly mixed, but I see little downside to trying this treatment. The possible scenarios are:

  1. It doesn’t help and I stop taking it
  2. It works and I’ll have to pay for it…which, if it works, I will find a way to do…somehow…
  3. It helps a little, and I’ll have to decide if it’s worth it to continue

I will update if and when this happens. It will be a 70mg injection self-administered once a month. Hoping that this may be the thing to work for me. Evidently there are a small number of “super-responders” who report zero headache days per month on this med—mine seems like an intractable case, but I can hope. I also plan to begin better diet adherence…starting tomorrow that is.


Sounds great and you have nothing to lose…good luck.


Sounds like a great plan please keep us posted, this is the plan my neuro has for me in the future. Here in Ireland it’ll take another 18 to 24 months for us to gain access to it. Best of luck, hope it goes really well for you.