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I have some questions, I hope someone will help me


I have been told by my ENT a specialist in dizziness that I have MAV and possibley slight MDDS. i have some good days and bad of course. Today is a bad day. i also have anxiety andhave been dx’d with it. I don’t take any meds for the MAV because I tried the amitriptyline and had a bad reaction and have had bad reacations with anti depressants so I’m afraid of them. I also have hypothyroidism and am in menopause for 4 yrs.

My questions are, do you feel your dizzy senstions change? Mine startd with rocking/swaying feeling, now i get that and falling sensation, and today its been a swiming feeling in my head and thru my entire body, I usually have the sensation thru my body, not just in my head. Is it normal to feel different sensations?

This is just scaring me so much, on the days of no real dizziness, I don’t have anxiety as much, but as soon as the first twinge of it, I can’t get past it and it just goes on sometimes for days. I just keep thinking they have missed something. I’ve been to my neuro last year and he said it was subjective dizziness and anxeity, then the PCP said verigo and now the ENT says MAV.

Do any of you have times where your arms and legs feel week when it happens, nausea, muscle aches in the neck and upper shoulders? When I usually have it I get dizzy for a bit then the headache comes and then I just feel dizzy esp when I move and sit, I feel like i’m sitting on a balloon and can feel it thru my entire body. I also have a hard time with housework, like mopping and vacuuming, i get awful dizzy with it. When I’m sitting at work I feel I need to keep moving my chair from side to side. There are so many symptoms with this how do you know if its not something more.

Today I was drying my hair when I felt the floor drop and that was it, now every time I feel it, i panic. I have slight headache on the left side and the muscles in my neck hurt when touched.

I have xanax for my anxiety and it helps the dizziness slow down, maybe I should take one.

I wish I wasn’t so afraid of the meds for this. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

Thank you for listening.

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Hi Guys,
This is my last post because I’m starting a new job and have very little time anymore sadly… but the good news is that I’m mostly recovered.

I would recommend the regimen below since both work well for me:

Avoidance of MSG and too much caffeine
Stop drinking alcohol altogether
Quit smoking if you do that
Eat protein and lots of colorful vegetables and fruits, healthy oils like olive oil
Take a good quality Vitamin D and C supplement as well as B12 supplement if you don’t eat meat, but I’d advise eating meat and animal products for overall health
Avoid gluten when possible and other inflammatory foods
Avoid eating too much tyramine in one day (google low tyramine diet)mainly overripe fruits and alcohol

As for supplements this works like a charm for me:

400mg of CoQ10 (kaneka brand of it - the absorbable version of Coq10 is somewhat different but it doesn’t have to be kaneka-google CoQ10)

400mg of Magnesium Glycinate 2x a day morning and evening , it does not cause me to have GI problems like other magnesiums. I use KAL brand

Feverfew is also helpful-I took GNC brand 380mg 2x a day but have stopped it to only use CoQ10 and magnesium because I want to have a kid sometime and can’t use feverfew when pregnant, moreover it made me a little lethargic

That’s it! Try to exercise and manage stress with meditation or prayer etc. Get outside as much as possible and limit time under very powerful CFL lights, driving at night etc.

I can do everything I used to just have to pace myself more.

Good luck! The best resource I ever had was Dr Weil’s website for migraine. Neurologists who prescribed meds to me were not as helpful and I had bad sx from most meds, gabapentin was the only one I could tolerate at low doses, and while it helped, it bloated me and made me feel not like myself. Everyone is different though, but I hope that you all find a remedy. I had this illness for three years almost before finding what works in my case.

Best of luck and God bless,

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