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I don't want to give up my life- dizzy


Hi JoJo, Thank you for saying that. Yeah, I know really. I try to just laugh it off and not think about it but I just tried to go for a walk as I do everyday and couldn’t make it very far because I couldn’t keep fighting the balancing. I guess I should try to see if a cane helps, guess you’re never too young for a cane.Have a good day!


Here in UK there’s a legal right to medical attention at least with GPs. You have to have one and you are allocated one failing all else. Sure you must have something similar. Neuro-logists are rare, neurologist with migraine specialism would do. I wonder about all that sophisticated ‘testing’. They still didn’t cone up with an answer last time did they. Apart from a MRI and an automated - connected to machine-type - hearing test all I’ve ever had is my hearing tested with a tuning fork!! Believe it. It’s true. And simple ‘follow my finger’, ‘now stand on the other leg and don’t close yr eyes’, ‘walk across the room and back pls’. So tell them that’s all you are prepared to suffer, thank you if that’s the case. I didn’t decline anything more complex. It wasn’t on offer, either way, choice is yours. Take control and push for answers. Just don’t accept defeat. Helen


A cane will help. It’s an extra feely. Gives your brain more sensory information. You need to walk to keep fit so do get one.


Yep, that is why I try to walk everyday, already have a cane, just don’t want to feel like an old lady (that I am). Also I have arthritis in my thumbs so holding the cane will make my hand pain worse. Guess I just need to “balance” all of it. Sounds like you have been through all the “fun” testing too. And in the end they are just going to try meds they would have prescribed without the testing probably. Have a great day!


sorry for the late reply. I get these posts in summary form. Thanks for the feedback. I was worried about interactions too so haven’t tried CBD oil.


Oh, Sunshine8071, that is awful. I had similar treatment when I first noticed a hearing loss. Doctor didn’t order an official hearing test, just stood behind me and talked at various volumes. It didn’t dawn on me until I switched primary care doctors to ask for a hearing test. I’m still angry because they may have caught this earlier if I’d had testing. Though I doubt it. It took years to finally get the help I needed.
It bothers me that they think we are so stupid. We many not know medical terminology, but we can tell them something isn’t right. Hope you get the treatment you need soon. If you haven’t tried vestibular therapy, I recommend giving it a try. I still walk unbalanced, but the therapist said it takes a long time, just keep up with the exercises.