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HYH diet and testing foods


Everything I read here rings true for me. Small doses ok, even mostly going off diet ok sometimes. It’s very strange that over the last 6 yrs I cannot blame one trigger consistently. I can say that diet wise, when I am “problematic”, soy products are the worst. Soy protein isolate, hydrolized soy, soy in protein drinks… All msg in disguise. Red wine is bad too. I love eggs, and buy eggs that are “soy free”, that is- the feed given to the hens is 100% soy free. I’ve done well with those vs supermarket eggs which bother my gut and fibromyalgia.


I think that’s because triggers can be culmulative and tolerance thresholds vary. I know I cannot tolerate chocolate or red wine so I’ve avoided them completely for decades. Other things are more variable it seems but then, unless one lives in laboratory or a bubble or dark cupboard, it’s often impossible to isolate triggers by only experiencing one at a time, Helen

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Wow, had some ‘quick’ noodles last night as was lazy … my ear bubbled much more than usual last night and I’ve got mild neurological issues this morning … I checked the packet … salt … and E621 … aka … MSG!! Blast it! :open_mouth: :smiley: What a fool I am … paying for it now :frowning:

It’s funny, with time and lack of medication I see with brutal clarity more and more elements of why the 6C’s diet is advised.


Really? Wow! I really wouldn’t have thought 1 trigger would make such massive neurological problems, it seems we are extremely sensitive to these foods! I hope it passes for you soon! Damn you MSG! :roll_eyes:
Ive tried bits of chocolate and I seem to be tolerating it quite well but Cadburys I have reallu bad dizziness with the following day… I am currently trialling the Keto diet so craving sugar like mad!! Im so ratty :see_no_evil: once im in Ketosis it should settle down - she says…


Depends on the trigger. I think caffeine and MSG are probably bigger triggers for some. I’m convinced it was quitting that last cup of caffeinated tea having tirated down over montts to just the one that caused my recent attack. Cutting my caffeine right back worked wonders for my MAV and I think just the act of moving from Oxo cubes (which actually have added MSG!) to Knorr (which don’t) has probably done as much again as reducing caffeine.

Trouble is all these things make Eating Out impossible. I can hardly go out ‘for coffee’ and ask for a glass of water! And whatever can you eat in a restaurant as a main meal. Think MSG, tyramine (how long has it been stored/kept warm). Helen

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It will. I’ve done keto or paleo for years. You lose the taste for sugar. These days a handful of berries is more than enough sugar to satisfy any cravings. Any more than that and MAV makes me pay. It starts to feel like the toxin it is in your system.


We just don’t need sugar. And we don’t need MSG. For that matter we don’t need caffeine or alcohol either! That’s 4 things you can give up without anything but a positive effect on your health.




Oh really? I am hoping to get rid of these sugar cravings fairly quickly! I am like a monster when I need a sugar kick. Literally last night I had to sit upstairs because I couldn’t be around anyone in my foul mood :see_no_evil: how embarrassing!!! X

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Yep! These days Im free from all 4!
Its so irritating! :see_no_evil: I want to stuff my face with cakes and chocolate!!! X


Make sure you balance your electrolytes. It makes the whole process smoother.


Well your brain does, but yes I understand what you are saying. I stick by my sugar usage in moderation. When added to a balanced meal it’s only a benefit for me. But… since I’ve been on Ami, I’m watching the weight and that may need to change.


So might be pure co-incidence, but yesterday I cut decaf coffee to one and ensured I had no MSG and last night no bubbling ear and I’m back to normal again: despite tinnitus, 100%. (But of course remember I was once -10% and have been through nearly 4 years with this crp)

Moral of the story: watch your diet!