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How to deal with flying


I know this has been discussed years ago on this site, but I wasn’t a member then and no one on here now seems to have been around several years ago either.

So flying is usually OK for me (though turbulence makes me super nervous). I usually take Bonine and a Valium just in case. I have had general lightheadedness every day for probably a couple years now. Yesterday I flew down to FL for the weekend and the flight was OK, but I had a sharp pain in my left ear for a few minutes. I had been trying to open my eustachian tubes regularly to avoid any congestion (yawning a lot too). Unwisely, I skipped lunch, so I didn’t eat anything from 9:30 until 3 or so, and I probably let myself get dehydrated, as is all too easy when flying. Anyway, I was extremely fatigued all the rest of the night, and even after eating and drinking lots of water my lightheadedness just got worse and worse. A second Valium didn’t really help, and I found myself going to bed super early to try to sleep off waves of nausea that had begun. Today I’m still a little more lightheaded than usual (though as it’s still morning that could change for the better) and I have fullness in both ears.

I am flying home tomorrow and wonder if anyone has any tips for a better experience? I know it was stupid of me to skip a meal (it was unintended), and I will be more careful this time around to not do that.


Hey there! Yup flying is troublesome but has gotten a lot better for me since the supplements. My only advice is to stay hydrated and not to overpop your ears… They will come back to their normal state after a while. And to perhaps up your CoQ10 intake. When I’m taking 400 mg of it in the morning (kaneka type) things go a lot better during the day… Flying too. Magnesium glycinate I still take 400-800 mg a day but I’m holding off on B2 because it has caused some GI issues… Turns out that was the culprit! Liv

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I always take an antihistamine one hour before landing. That seems to keep ear pressure down. I also wear the flight ear plugs when landing and chew gum. It all seems to help. Keeping hydrated is very important and no caffeine or alcohol, for sure. Some airports are worse than others. Good luck. (


Antihistamine, interesting I didn’t think of that. My mom used to make us take a decongestant before the flight even if we weren’t stuffed up and I was thinking of trying that. Good suggestions!

@liv85 you increase your CoQ-10 dosage? I haven’t really isolated the effects of the three different supplements, as I more or less started taking them all at the same time. What specifically does that one do, for you at least, that the others don’t?


Hey there, So the CoQ10 (kaneka) and B2 are both super helpful to me at 400mg each. I still don’t know which one is more important since I too haven’t really been off either for that long - maybe only a day or so at a time. I think the B2 might be the most helpful in terms of dizziness but CoQ10 prevents me from getting headaches at all and together they work super well with the magnesium so that I feel normal working on my computer and when I’m moving around. I also take magnesium glycinate right now at 400mg per day (KAL brand). I haven’t been taking it at night recently. I’m sorry if this isn’t super helpful but I just think I’m going to stay at 400mg of B2 and CoQ10 for the long term including 400mg of magnesium - at least it’s all the same amounts so that’s easy to remember :slight_smile: I hope your trip goes well and that you start feeling well soon. For me, I have to keep the level of Coq10 and B2 high enough so that I feel almost normal. Liv


Thanks again! Somehow managed to have a much better experience coming home than I did going down to FL. Well, it’s probably not such a mysterious thing – I took Sudefed (phenylephrine, since I know there are multiple types of that brand) and 3mg of Valium (which was all that I had on me at the time). That seemed to have “broken” that weekend’s persistent symptoms, notably the ear ringing/muted sounds (you know that sensation you get after attending a REALLY loud concert?) and, hopefully although time will tell today, the extreme fatigue.


I’m so glad it went better! Valium is pretty great - I personally find popping a gabapentin at 100mg has the same sedating effect so that might be a nice drug option for you if you want a medicine as well as the supplements. I didn’t really have any side effects with low dose gabapentin but you have to dose 3x a day evenly since the half life is so short. I gave it up because I am trying to see what I can live on without having symptoms majorly just on natural supplements.

I have more of a problem today (although I still am pretty functional and fine on the 800mg of magnesium split up - I might ramp it up to 1000mg split in 2 doses like you! - B2 at 400mg and CoQ10) because I ate a lot of ripe raspberries and other fruits. I should limit the fruit intake because I really think that they are one of the biggest tyramine triggers for me. Apples seem to be OK but not bananas, tomatoes, and raspberries. I need to keep a more meticulous journal starting today re food and the symptoms. Fermented drinks also triggers symptoms, beer, wine, even kombucha etc.

I thought that this link might be interesting:

I’m headed off on my first big trip to Morocco on Wednesday for a week so wish me luck! I hope that the good spirits or good “jinn” there will help me feel well for the duration :slight_smile:


I’m still recovering (experiencing extra fatigue – that’s always my #1 symptom, with lightheadedness just behind), but really can’t complain at this point. It’s interesting to compare supplement notes. I think I need to up my CoQ-10. The link you provided said 300mg 3x/day, but I’m only taking 200mg 1x/day! And you mentioned you increase your CoQ-10 dosage sometimes. Maybe I will try doing 200mg 2x/day and see if that changes anything. And my doctor said to take a B complex, not just B2, but everything else I see (and other people who post here) seem to take just B2 – and again, at a higher dose than what is in my B complex. Sheesh! I think I will try upping the CoQ-10 first, and then switching to a higher dose of B2. I can’t handle any more magnesium because of stomach issues. I tried switching to the ultra-absorbant Doctor’s Best 100% chelated magnesium (I take GNC brand magnesium oxide) but that was way worse on my stomach!

I haven’t been good at keeping a food diary either. I’m really not doing myself any favors here. It’s great that you’ve been able to isolate some of your triggers though. I generally stay away from high-sodium foods, including most deli meats, cured meats, etc., soups, things like that. I also stay away from soy, dairy (sort of), bananas, and I don’t overdo it on the chocolate, but other than that I am pretty lazy when it comes to food stuff.

Have fun in Morocco and good luck with your travels!