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How to come off Amitriptyline?


Well, I think I have developed more of an acceptance feeling to this, as @flutters have taught me with her writings, and also a believe that we, as humans, are not infallible. I saw the other day a mom with a son with severe disabilities (or different abilities, better say) at a kids museum. I really wanted to hug her, and him, to tell her that we all have struggles and she teaches us that we are humans of all types, and that we should be able, as societies, to accommodate the needs of everyone, and not the other way around. That would include us, as MAVs, and our struggles, and them, and all the others with so many illnesses/ conditions. We would all certainly be happier.


I agree entirely about the acceptance factor which is so lacking everywhere it seems. Trouble with MAV. It;s the Invisable element. I found the one main advantage if being as badly affected as I was, was I walked with wraparound dark glasses, a brimmed hat and a walking stick. All so very invisible and I was met with nothing but absolute kindness out in the outside world. An elderly lady once nearly stood on her head to rescue my glasses when they fell off right to the bottom of a chest freezer in Marks & Spencers, and once I had to defend a little lad who had almost run into me in a supermarket from the fury of his Dad. So, it’s not all bad. Helen


Little lad is so much more endearing than out of control monster child. Perhaps living with two hormonal, melodramatic 16 year olds has soured my thinking… I remember when I had a spunky, cute, sweet but totally oblivious little lad.


Hi Sumra,

Pregnancy-Breastfeeding migraine meds.pdf (462.7 KB)

See if this paper helps !