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How do you know you've got to the right dose of Ami?


Hi, I think MAV fluctuates. I have been in general very functional, still rocking everyday, but very manageable, and yesterday had a horrible day. But I took it as that, just a bad day in the world of MAV. As time passes, I am feeling more confident that my body can rebound quicker from bad days. Today is not that bad I am all itchy and tired from pollen allergies, I think, so that does not help.


yes I believe it does fluctuate
I was just surprised that it was that off yest I havent had 1 of those in months. i guess propranolol was keeping them v mild. so i was starting to get worried that it might be from decreasing propranolol


dont worry too much, worries feeds this thing. Breath and keep going :), you


Spot on!


lol its not about worry. I just wantedto get ur guys’ opinion on whether I should reduce propranolol or just stop it completely as I’ve switched over to ami now or just titrate down