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How did it all begin for you?


It recently occurred to me that my various doctors have never really asked me how my symptoms began. VM was diagnosed when I presented for dizziness, but that was not how it began for me. Was the beginning of the problem you have now sudden or gradual? Did other symptoms precede your dizziness?

My symptoms started very subtly and gradually abt 7 yrs ago. My first noticeable symptom was an occasional, high pitched ringing in my left ear. It became more persistent, and would get loud at times. I also was getting “allergy” symptoms only on the left side of my head. I had no dizziness at this time. No headaches either. Dizziness came about a year later, associated with increased tinnitus on that left side.


Great question. People should capture this on their first post of their Personal Diary. I’ve provided a structure for this. and some users have adopted it already.

If you need to edit your first post but are unable to, I can make it a Wiki. Ping me if this is the case.

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Please respond to this by filling in a summary on the first post of your personal diary as discussed here

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