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Hot baths anyone?


@Revolving So glad to hear your neuro wants an update from you. You definitely have a better neurologist than I do right from that. I have to call, leave a message with their assistants, which usually gets misconstrued, and that “wrong” message is given to my doctor, who then responds to her assistants and have them call me back. Unless I have an appointment scheduled. She cancelled my March appt and I don’t have another one until June. Calling is such a pain, but probably warranted for me.

Wow, way to go for making your own yogurt, I’m so sorry your stomach is in such a fragile condition. That would do me in more than the dizziness. It’s all in what we can handle I suppose.


Jess09 your Neuro sounds like a nightmare. Did they give a reason why they cancelled? It is so frustrating having to wait to see/hear from doctors isn’t it. I hope your appointment in June is MEGA constructive!


@Revolving Yeah she’s not great, but the two others I tried before were worse. One wouldn’t see me because I came in saying I had vestibular migraine, she disagreed (but didn’t know what I had) and said she didn’t treat dizziness. (She has to treat dizziness if she treats vestibular migraine!!) The other one was very, VERY old and just wanted to put me on barbiturates. Not an option for me as I’m already such on this stupid Xanax (which is still the only medicine that has given me any relief with no side effects) I suppose the Dr I saw at Hopkins was the most knowledgeable on the subject but they only see patients twice a month and don’t follow up with patients. I could go again and get reevaluated if things continue to be worse, but they’re just going to say that I haven’t given all the medications the suggested a “fair trial.”

Her assistants didn’t give a specific reason for her cancellation, just that she’d be out of the office. She does work on-call for the hospital she works out of, and that on-call schedule seems to change a lot. So I’m guessing that’s what happened but who knows.


This will make you smile. I had to see my GP for a follow up as he prescribed the topiramate prescribed by the neurologist and he asked me how my liquid migraine was going!!! I kept a straight face but it says it all really.:grin:


Blimey, what’s one of those?! :rofl:


Something after one too many maybe!!!:joy:


my liquid migraines are the best :joy:


One that runs all over the place causing havoc!!!