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Hi all. New member


Hi there Oak17 can I pleases how much propranolol you are on daily? I have been on it for 3 weeks now.

Anthony, Anxiety & MAV.

Hi. I take Propranolol. It’s not a fast worker I’ve found. No doubt there are exceptions but you are probably looking at months rather than weeks to see good results. Also you need high enough dose to be effective. 80mg is minimum recommended for migraine prevention. Seems most people go to maximum which in UK is 160mg, but elsewhere is often listed as 240mg daily. Helen


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Hi Jo_R. I am on a ultra low dose 10mg a day which they probably would say wouldn’t do anything for the MAV but I can’t tolerate a higher dose as it makes me feel even more lightheaded. It is one of the older drugs. I have read it can cause diabetes and thyroid issues and my thyroid function has lowered.All drugs have side effects. Have you tried magnesium and B2? R.